Addiction Treatment
January 19, 2017

Addiction Treatment Figures Prominently in Heated HHS Confirmation Hearings

Yesterday Georgia Congressman Tom Price faced questions from his democrat counterparts in his bid to ascend to the post of Secretary of Health and Human Services. Aside from some looming questions regarding ethics in stock trading, as well as a general review of his resume, the tense and, at times, downright contentious exchanges focused almost exclusively on Price’s republican colleagues’ plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Lawmakers loudly voiced their concern in short bursts of heated inquiry, wanting to know everything that Price and a republican majority plan to change, including existing women’s health services and the increased access to substance abuse services provided by the ACA….

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Supplemental Drug and Alcohol Treatment Therapies
December 6, 2016

Common Types of Supplemental Treatment Therapies

No treatment program should be identical to another. The issues and circumstances that trigger substance abuse are as unique to each individual…

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Decline In Mental Health Treatment Corresponds with Increased Suicide Rate

Decline In Mental Health Treatment Corresponds with Increased Suicide Rate

A report recently published by JAMA reveals a tragic, albeit unsurprising, correlation between the widespread reduction of mental health treatment resources and the collective increase in suicides across the country. The authors of the paper, which was published on November 3, 2016 on the JAMA website, asserted that the decline in access to non-forensic beds (those accessible to patients outside the criminal justice system) is contributing to the risks of violence, incarceration, homelessness, premature mortality, and suicide among patients with psychiatric disorders. They also assert that a “safe minimum” number of psychiatric beds is required to prevent or mitigate suicide attempts….

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Benefits of Supplemental Drug And Alcohol Post-Treatment Therapies
December 2, 2016

The Benefits of Supplemental Post-Treatment Therapies

Sooner or later our treatment ends. If we’re lucky, our programs give us valuable behavioral coping resources to help us manage the…

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Substance Use Disorder Treatment
September 22, 2016

Dr. David Kramer Releases White Paper on The Effects of Music in Treatment

In an effort to further illustrate the profound healing powers of music and the modernity and innovation of the Recovery Unplugged treatment…

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Music Therapy Is Not Just for Musicians
August 12, 2016

Music-Based Therapy Is Not Just for Musicians

When people hear about music therapy for drug and alcohol addiction, and they find out what it entails, they often think that it’s not for them because they don’t have a musical background; nothing can be further from the truth. Music is a universal healing resource that can awaken dormant emotions in all of us. The creation and appreciation of music, however primal and unrefined, is something from which everyone can benefit, whether they’re picking up an instrument for the first time or have spent years writing and producing songs. There is no special resume or skillset required to take part in this viable and effective therapy….

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Senate to Vote on Landmark Opioid Prevention Package

Senate to Vote on Landmark Opioid Prevention Package

This is a potential game-changer in the way the United States will fight the spread of opioid addiction going forward. The Senate is set to vote on a package of measures aimed at, among other things, increasing access to treatment, strengthening monitoring databases and changing the problematic vocabulary and perception through which so many describe and view this disease. The legislation has received bi-partisan support, in an era when political contentiousness is at an all-time high, and is expected to be approved overwhelmingly before heading to President Obama’s desk for his signature by the end of the week. The effort is one of the most comprehensive to date by the federal government in curbing dependency on these powerful prescription painkillers….

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Vivitrol Treatment in Texas

What You Need to Know About Medication-Assisted Treatment

Over the past few decades, numerous medications have been introduced in the addiction and chemical dependency treatment landscapes. These powerful, and sometimes controversial drugs have been enormously effective in the care of various substance use disorders like opioid and alcohol addiction, and it’s natural for them to draw widespread interest among those in need of help, as well as their families. It’s important though to understand the risks, benefits, fundamentals, and parameters of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) to determine if it’s the right course of action. There are a great many variables that accompany this type of treatment, and prospective participants should have thorough understanding of the process. …

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Vivitrol Treatment in Texas
April 1, 2016

New Study Shows Effectiveness of Vivitrol to Treat Addiction

On March 31, 2016, The New England Journal of Medicine reported on a joint study of seven different universities showing the the effectiveness of Vivitrol on opioid-addicted prison patients. All test groups showed remarkably low relapse rates and also decrease rates in other risk-behaviors and decreased incarcerations for chronic offenders….

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September 29, 2015

Songwriting Contest Phase 3

We would love to thank everyone for entering the songwriting contest! The top 5 have been chosen by your votes!

Music has been with us as long as we can collectively remember. Musical instruments have been found dating back tens of thousands of years. Yet no one knows why we love music. Researchers have yet to find a “music center” in the brain. Like many higher-order processes, the tasks involved in processing and enjoying music are distributed across several brain areas. One study found that when focusing on harmony in a piece, a subject experiences increased activity in the right temporal lobe’s auditory areas. Several studies have shown the temporal lobe to be one key region for understanding certain musical features. But it works closely with areas in the frontal lobe responsible for forming meaningful musical syntax (or structure)….

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Music Heals and Influences Change
August 19, 2015

Music Heals and Influences Change

We base our treatment around the healing power of music and how it can impact change. This week there was a study published about how music helps the healing process for everyone. Queen Mary University of London published a report in the Lancet Medical Journal that “Pre-recorded music through headphones, musical pillows, or background sound systems can be a non-invasive, safe, and inexpensive intervention compared with pharmaceuticals, and can be delivered easily and successfully in a medical setting,” Music aided in the relief of pain and helped resolve anxiety. While music didn’t help them recover any faster it did help them change their outlook on their recovery. All different types of music helped them recover (based on what was comforting for them).

Music influences everything, music heals emotionally. Think about all the times we have heard songs that bring along change such as James Brown “I’m Black and I’m Proud,” or Pete Seeger’s “This Land Is Your Land.” Think about the songs that influence you the most. I remember the first time I hard Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long,” it brought me to tears….

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Self-esteem and Drug Rehab
July 31, 2015

Self-esteem and Drug Rehab

It’s normal to feel a bit low while ‘in the rooms.’ I witnessed something that was amazing this week at Recovery Unplugged (a drug rehab in florida). Our director of client services and techs took our female clients to the nail salon getting makeovers inside and out. I noticed that it did wonders for their self-esteem. Why does this help? Because it reaffirms three notions:

I am important
I am beautiful
I deserve this
What is Self-Esteem?
Self-esteem describes how we evaluate ourselves in relation to self-worth. It describes our confidence and satisfaction with our own lives. The way people view themselves will have a serious impact in their lives. Low self-esteem can force a person to struggle to find success and happiness because they do not feel worthy. …

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Sobriety – A Marathon
July 15, 2015

Sobriety – A Marathon

As you can tell by the title, I think it is important to take time as much as possible to look at the big picture when it comes to recovery and sobriety. It is easy to get bogged down in the little details and the hard days, but you can reinvigorate yourself by looking at your situation from a distance. Hopefully this post will motivate you throughout your journey to sobriety. Recovery is not a sprint – it’s a marathon. Sobriety is an ongoing process – a journey. It can be tough at times, but extremely rewarding as you better your life and get clean physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is very important to be honest with yourself throughout the process. Identify your strengths, weaknesses and triggers and don’t be afraid to seek help. Speaking of help, ask for it early and often. It may be in the form of a professional counselor, recovery group or just a supportive friend….

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Music in Recovery @ Recovery Unplugged
June 25, 2015

Music in Recovery @ Recovery Unplugged

Music is the great equalizer here at Recovery Unplugged, well, it is the great equalizer everywhere. I remember the first time I heard Otis Redding sing (I’m not that old, it was in a movie I swear). Hearing him belt out ‘I’ve been loving you’ was for me one of my favorite musical experiences ever (even if it was in a montage from the film “Heaven Help Us”). Working here I get to have experiences like that all of the time….

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Music Therapy Makes the Difference
April 2, 2015

Music Therapy Makes the Difference

We are always saying that music makes the difference….

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Leaving Rehabilitation Early
November 4, 2013

Leaving Rehabilitation Early

If you have not struggled with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is hard to understand the rehabilitation experience. For most people, it is a grueling time that is physically, mentally and emotionally painful. Despite the rigor of rehabilitation, it is vital that those struggling with addiction undergo intensive counseling to start recovery. When a person enters the program, they typically go through an intake process that includes an in-depth assessment of their addiction, which determines how doctors will proceed with their program. They initially determine how long they think you will need to be in the program and what steps will have to be taken to get ones body and mind clean. While the required length of stay can change based on progress, sometimes, people choose to leave before they are medically advised to do so. Time and time again we see that leaving rehabilitation early only leads to more problems down the line….

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Medical Detox

Medical Detox

Withdrawal symptoms are extremely drastic and can include serious headaches, heart attacks, vomiting and death in some circumstances. Depending on how long and how much of the drug has been ingested, the body will crave the substance harshly, putting strain not only physically, but mentally and emotionally also. Drastic withdrawal symptoms are the reason that drug rehabilitation facilities are the safest way to help yourself or a family member looking to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. With the assistance of medical staff, the person can safely allow their body to get clean, with medical intervention available if necessary. There are different routes to take with rehabilitation and assisted detox, but medical detox is sometimes the best choice….

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