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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center RU CEO Sits Down to Dinner with the Governor
May 5, 2016

Recovery Unplugged CEO Dines with the Governor

On April 27, Governor Rick Scott hosted a dinner event entitled Judicial Appointments and the JNC. Among those in attendance was none other than accomplished Fort Lauderdale Attorney and Recovery Unplugged Co-Founder and CEO, Marshall Geisser. The event was an opportunity for members of the Florida legal community to exchange thoughts and sentiments regarding the judicial nomination process on both the state and federal levels, and discuss the long-term impact of judicial appointments. Eligible attendees also had the opportunity to earn continuing legal education (CLE) credits and gain invaluable insight from the Governor and some of the state’s top legal experts….

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April 26, 2016

Quality Therapies for Long-Term Recovery

Treatment teaches us many new things. It teaches us how to love ourselves, it teaches how to live each day in recovery, and it teaches things about ourselves we would have never otherwise discovered without confronting the root causes of our addiction. One of the more tangible and practical things that treatment can teach us is new ways to keep ourselves healthy and centered after we leave our programs. Treatment exposes us to new supplemental therapies in which we can further immerse ourselves to sustain balanced overall health. Our recovery journeys are made all the easier when we’re firing on all cylinders and practicing balanced physical and psychological wellness….

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center attending South By Southwest
April 12, 2016

Recovery Unplugged Living it up at South By Southwest

South Florida addiction care leader Recovery Unplugged headed to Austin’s famed music and arts festival South by Southwest this year. The ten-day event continued its tradition of bringing together some of the most important and talented artists form around the world in an explosion of creativity, culture and arts-driven dialogue. The trip was an invaluable opportunity for the Recovery Unplugged crew to connect with world-class artists and musicians in an effort to spread our message of recovery and healing through music. One of the highlights of our excursion was our meeting with the Legendary Robert Plant to discuss the positive impact music and the creative process can have on addiction treatment….

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center How To Get Through The Holidays Sober
December 11, 2015

How To Get Through The Holidays Sober

The holidays sober are full of joy but they can also be very difficult to get through while in recovery. Holiday memories and events associated with alcohol or other drug use may tug at you. This will can be tough because you may be away from your support network. Don’t fret you can prepare!…

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center GivingTuesday
December 1, 2015


Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center has joined GivingTuesday, a global day of giving that harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage philanthropy and to celebrate generosity worldwide. GivingTuesday is a chance for people to give back by making a donation to their favorite nonprofit organization(s) and then spreading the word of their gift to family and friends.

This year we are proud to support The Face the Music Foundation. As we will be selling a 10 song compilation album for $5.00 that all goes to giving scholarships toward treatment for people without the means to do so themselves. The compilation is completely written and recorded by the clients of Recovery Unplugged. The songs are all written about their struggles with addiction, and how the disease has affected their life….

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center What we are listening to - Recovery Music
October 26, 2015

What we are listening to – Recovery Music

Searching around for inspiration, can be a problem for many, especially when you don’t know where to look. Inspiration comes from imagery, settings and relaxation. We know that inspiration from music can be the powerful tool.

As you know Music is our Everything…So this week we checked in with Evan, one of our staff members, to see what music is inspiring him in his recovery.

Evan has almost 4 years clean & sober. He just started with us at Recovery Unplugged doing IT/copy writing and working on Social Media for The Face The Music Foundation….

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Recovery Unplugged - Raising The Bar
April 22, 2015

Recovery Unplugged – Raising The Bar

On Friday, April 17 the Family Law Section of BCBA held another sold-out full day seminar & reception event called Raising the Bar. Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center is a full year sponsor of the Broward County Bar Association. The Broward County Bar Association, a not-for-profit organization, was founded in 1925 to foster courtesy, ethics, and professionalism among Broward County lawyers, to educate the citizens of Broward County on their legal rights, and to provide necessary legal services to Broward County’s residents….

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Fighting Addiction With Music
March 18, 2015

Fighting Addiction With Music

Addiction is a state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences, but you already knew that. You also that here at Recovery Unplugged we specialize in a rehabilitation approach that is unique, long-lasting, and truly individualized. We combine traditional and cognitive behavioral rehabilitation approaches by using music as a catalyst to break down defenses to help facilitate, motivate and inspire the change necessary for long-term recovery and sobriety in fighting addiction.

We use an amazingly powerful tool that no other drug rehab center in Florida has: Musical Medicine. Clients are able to use music as a catalyst to start to break down the barriers we build through their lives and their addictions. Along with music groups and live performances clients at Recovery Unplugged have the opportunity to explore a creative side of themselves through music, writing lyrics, and even recording their songs in our studio regardless of prior musical experience. Clients are also given the chance to express themselves performing for their peers. So what does this do for our clients? Does fighting addiction with music help?…

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Recovery Unplugged's NCAD 15 Pleanry Speaker 2
February 26, 2015

Recovery Unplugged’s NCAD 15 Plenary Speaker

It was announced yesterday that Richie Supa, Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center’s (a Florida drug rehab) Director of Creative Recovery, will be the Opening Plenary Speaker for the 2015 National Conference on Addiction Disorders and Behavioral Healthcare Leadership Summit, August 1-4 in St. Louis, MO.
Though all of his musical success Richie considers his 27-year recovery to be his greatest accomplishment. He has released several albums devoted to his sobriety, and his undertaking to use music as an inspiration to those struggling with addiction….

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Recovery Unplugged Attends White House Substance Abuse Forum
January 26, 2015

Recovery Unplugged Attends White House Substance Abuse Forum

Scarlet Gleeson, Director of Business Development at Recovery Unplugged, attended a meeting at the White House on January 21, 2015, hosted by the ONDCP (Office of the National Drug Control Policy) and SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services).

The panel of esteemed experts discussed how treatment professionals can help our community access insurance through the ACA, and the need to be informed about the Parity Act and our rights to coverage for substance use disorders….

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Video: Steven Tyler performs "Amazing" at Recovery Unplugged
November 12, 2014

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Visits Recovery Unplugged

We were blessed to have a lifetime friend to Richie, Steven Tyler, who was in Florida to visit the Recovery Unplugged drug rehab center yesterday. Steven and Richie’s history goes all the way back to the 70’s, playing music and causing a raucous in New York. As their fame grew, the availability of drugs grew, and the glamorous rock-and-roll party lifestyle took hold. Both men are known around the world as notorious party animals. Richie and Steven shared stories with the clients about their experiences on the road, dealing with their addictions, and the subsequent bottom their respective consequences brought them. The main focus of the day though: recovery. Both Steven and Richie are two of the most passionate people when it comes to recovery, queue the music and the duo have so much love and compassion to share. They talked about what it was like to have everything and lose it to addiction to drugs and alcohol. Together they sang some of Richie Supa’s recovery songs like “Good Intentions” and “Last House on the Block”, and they also played a few of the hits they wrote together like “Pink” and “Amazing”. They had fun with the clients, letting a vocalist get up and sing while Steven played the bongos. After sharing a beautiful message of hope, Steven greeted clients and took pictures with everyone. Steven was well received by the clients, saying “He was so down to earth,” and, “wow, he really loves spreading the message of recovery”….

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Long Term Sobriety
March 7, 2014

Long Term Sobriety

For those who have never struggled with addiction, it may seem like rehabilitation is the final step to lifetime sobriety. Unfortunately, the challenge of long term sobriety is a lifelong task as those who complete addiction rehabilitation must constantly battle with old triggers and temptations. This concept became even more vivid to me with the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman and a Chicago Tribune article, “Actor’s death offers lesson in addiction,” which calls attention to the long-term struggle of addiction even five or 10 years after successful drug treatment and sobriety. I am not sure how much you know about Hoffman’s life and struggle with addiction, but the latest relapse came after 20 years of sobriety, which unfortunately resulted in his sudden passing. With his death, the light has been shined on the issue of addiction and the long-term struggle with sobriety that one faces. According to the article, a study in 2007 “found that 2 of 3 people within their first year of sobriety relapsed. But for those with at least three years of clean time, the relapse rate dropped to 1 in 7. 1” Even though the numbers get better, that still isn’t great when you consider that most people expect those in recovery to be completely healed and living in sobriety for life. The article also says the reasons for relapse shortly after rehabilitation are very similar to that of long-term relapse – “the triggers that can prompt a return to drugs or alcohol — stress, poor coping skills, the belief that substance use can be managed — don’t change over time. ”…

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Addiction to Exercise or Body Building
February 24, 2014

Addiction to Exercise or Body Building

Eating disorders are a form of addiction that cause people to look dangerously thin or overweight. Less known is the addiction to maintaining a toned physique that suggests a career in bodybuilding or fitness modeling, which can sometimes be powered by the use of dangerous steroid drugs or unhealthy frequency of working out. If the idea of an addiction to exercise is foreign to you, I will unpack what this could look like briefly. If you attend a gym regularly, you see the men and women who very obviously spend a lot of time toning their bodies, which could even be you. Fitness is a very healthy habit that many people partake in daily. But, there are times that an unhealthy addiction can form in seek of acceptance, success in competition or feeding of a body image disorder (similar to that of eating disorders). This addiction, although rooted in a healthy habit, can be extremely dangerous to a person’s body. Despite the risk, someone with a body image addiction may look in the mirror and see a scrawny person when you see what looks like an Olympic body builder. Or, maybe, someone looks in the mirror and see an overweight individual, besides the fact that they are dangerously thin. In order to fix the ‘problem’ they will spend hours in the gym breaking down their bodies and pushing themselves past a healthy limit….

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Community Service as a Driver for Recovery
October 5, 2013

Community Service as a Driver for Recovery

When a patient emerges from inpatient drug or alcohol rehabilitation, they are encouraged to stay involved in recovery groups and activities. Sometimes, inpatient programs suggest halfway house programs that gradually introduce patients back into the real world with all its stresses and temptations.

One tactic used to further encourage rehabilitation is involvement in community service programs throughout the community. Patients can determine causes that they have a passion for, which helps them put genuine interest in their program of choice. Community service is effective in rehabilitation for many reasons. The main concern of people in recovery is to have plenty of activities to fill their time. By inserting himself or herself into a community service project, the person can devote all their time and energy to a good cause, giving them a great feeling about themselves while getting rid of idle time to relapse….

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