July 18, 2018

Nico Biopic Focuses on Life after Heroin Addiction

On August 1, American film audiences will be privy to a new biopic about the last two years of singer and musician…

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Supervised Injection Sites: Compassion or Complacency?
October 31, 2016

Supervised Injection Sites: Compassion or Complacency?

A recent study conducted by NYU regarding the use of heroin in New York City’s public bathrooms is further reinforcing calls for a new, and arguably radical anti-overdose tool: supervised injection centers. Also known as SIFs, these facilities would give users of heroin and other illicit injection drugs a sterile and supervised environment to inject the drug with an extra layer of protection from fatal overdose. Medical personnel would be on hand to prevent fatality and even assist with wound care and sterilization….

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