Music Makes The Difference

The Recovery Unplugged mission is to provide hope and healing to individuals affected by addiction using the power of music.

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Hope and Healing Through Music-Based Treatment

Recovery Unplugged is the only addiction treatment organization to fully integrate music into our rehab programs. Blending traditional evidence-based methods, such as detox and behavioral rehab, with innovative, music-based therapy techniques, Recovery Unplugged uses music to help patients build their confidence, articulate their emotions and confront the trauma and dysfunction in their lives that has led to and sustain substance abuse. Let Recovery Unplugged use music to help you or your loved one reclaim your life from drugs and alcohol.

Recovery Unplugged offers locations nationwide and work with most private insurance companies to make care more affordable and accessible. Your voice is louder than addiction…start using it.

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A Full Array of Addiction Treatment Services

Medical Detox

Expert, safe and compassionate care for alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms by trained doctors in nurses in a discreet and comfortable environment.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Flexible, targeted and customized care that includes group therapy, individualized counseling and comprehensive supplemental therapies over weekly treatment sessions.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

In-depth care offering a fully immersive treatment experience, including medical care, behavioral rehab, life skills training and more to help patients transition to independent living.

Music-Based Therapies

Techniques include songwriting, production, performance, creative writing, guest performances from artists in recovery and more to help clients fully engage with music in treatment.

About Us

Feel Good Friday - Paul Pellinger
The Party Doesn't Stop in Recovery

The Recovery Unplugged DIfference

Recovery Unplugged utilizes the enduring standards of treatment while integrating music in rehab to help clients transcend the toxic thought patterns that drive substance abuse. Our program is a cathartic, engaging and remarkably effective way to help you or your loved one feel comfortable enough to open up without having to feel guarded or afraid to express yourself. We’ve seen thousands of clients achieve heightened self-awareness and emotional release when engaging with music where traditional talk therapy often falls short, and we are ready to help you or your addicted loved one do the same.

7% Increase in American Overdose Fatalities from 2016 to 2017


10.8% of Americans who Need Treatment that Actually Receive It


67.8% of 2017 Overdose Deaths Involved Opioids


50% of Those In Recovery Suffer Relapse


4x National Average Sober Rates

Higher Recovery Rates than the National Average

5x National Average Complete Rate

Higher Completion Rates than the National Average

95% Client Approval Rating

Client Approval Rating

Locations Nationwide

Austin, Texas Treatment Center

Recovery Unplugged Austin Treatment Center offers a full array of Austin drug detox and rehab resources to help residents of the Greater Austin area regain their freedom, health and quality of life. We provide inpatient treatment and PHP care to address all clients’ specific care needs. Recovery Unplugged Recognizes the need for Austin alcohol rehab and drug treatment, and we're determined to help our friends and neighbors in the area stay clean and sober.

Our clients enjoy a comfortable, safe and private living experience during their time at our drug and alcohol treatment center. We are mindful of the role that environment plays in the treatment process and are committed to providing an enjoyable, stable and homelike experience.


Austin, Texas Detox Center

Recovery Unplugged Austin Detox Center provides safe, compassionate and discreet medically supervised detox. Clients are given a full medical assessment upon intake and given expert treatment for the issues they’re experiencing due to their prolonged and untreated course of substance use. The detox process usually takes around three to seven days and allows clients to comfortably expel all the toxins that have built up in their systems. At our Austin detox facility, we have everything you or your loved one needs to get through this potentially painful and difficult process.

Our doctors and nurses are trained to treat withdrawal symptoms and intervene in the event of a medical emergency. You don’t have to let withdrawal rule your life anymore.

Austin, Texas Rehab Center

Our Austin Rehab Center helps clients fully confront the root causes of their drug or alcohol addiction and access their inner voice to live independently in recovery. Clients have the opportunity to fully engage with our music-based addiction treatment program in the vibrant and bustling musical mecca of the American South. Our Austin rehab program offers a residential option so clients can take the time they need to heal in a supportive and distraction-free environment. Start writing your recovery song at Recovery Unplugged Austin Rehab Center.

Austin Rehab Center Pics

Lake Worth, Florida

Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth Detox and Rehab offers a wide array of care services to those needing drug or alcohol rehab in Lake Worth, FL community, including inpatient rehab, onsite medical detoxification and withdrawal management and more. Our in-depth and customized Lake Worth, FL inpatient rehab services help clients with a prolonged and untreated history of drug and alcohol abuse reclaim their lives, repair their relationships and regain their health and dignity.

The clinical and creative professionals at Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth work in close collaboration to address the medical, behavioral and lifestyle needs of our clients using the power of music-based therapy. The Personnel at our Lake Worth, FL drug rehab program is with you every step of the way.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Recovery Unplugged started our mission of music-based addiction treatment right in the heart of Florida with our Fort Lauderdale drug rehab program. While we have since expanded considerably and have helped thousands of clients find their way to recovery through music-based treatment, we continue to provide the highest-quality care at our flagship facility. Recovery Unplugged Fort Lauderdale offers intensive outpatient (IOP) and partial-hospitalization (PHP) treatment. We strive to offer clients in the area a full and complete care experience using the healing power of music. Our Fort Lauderdale treatment center offers clients a safe, comfortable and compassionate environment in a gorgeous tropical climate.

FTL Treatment Center PICS
North Virginia Treatment Center PICS

Northern Virginia

Recovery Unplugged Northern Virginia Treatment Center is the first-ever fully music-based addiction treatment program in Virginia. We are pleased to offer our music-based treatment at the historic Harrison House Building, an established and trusted Virginia rehab facility haven that has guided thousands of residents in the region toward lasting recovery. Blending traditional treatment practices, such as detox, group therapy and individualized counseling with innovative music-focused treatment therapies, Recovery Unplugged Northern Virginia is committed to helping you or your loved one overcome your substance use disorder and reclaim your life. You don’t have to let addiction rule your life and derail your future.

Crack Addiction

One of the most commonly portrayed drugs in the media, crack cocaine, known simply as crack, is the considered the most addictive form of cocaine. Crack is created by condensing and synthesizing cocaine into a dense, crystalline rock. Due to the density of the drug, it is far more potent and gives the user an intense, immediate and short-lived high. Often, it is the brevity of the high that makes people continue using and cultivate the habit of crack abuse. Those suffering from crack addiction often continue using for the feelings of profound euphoria that come with either smoking or shooting it intravenously. While it’s impossible to say if someone can form a crack addiction after the first use, the drug is powerful enough to keep someone coming back for more and more, until they are addicted. More often than not, abuse of this drug will end in overdose unless the user undergoes crack detox.

Symptoms of Crack Addiction

Those suffering from crack abuse are often incapable of hiding their habit due to the profound effects it has both physiologically and psychologically. Although the symptoms of addiction will express themselves differently from person to person, many common indicators include:

  • Pupil dilation
  • Profuse sweating
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Dental issues
  • Picking at skin and scabs
  • Paranoia
  • Erratic behavior and scattered thoughts

Seeking Crack Treatment

Those suffering from crack addiction experience severe changes in physical health and brain activity, as well as significant behavioral alterations. Because of the way toxins from crack interact with brain chemistry, it is almost impossible to overcome abuse without formal crack detox in a medical facility. Here at Recovery Unplugged we offer a medically supervised detox program with intensive outpatient and regular outpatient treatment programs. Crack abuse doesn’t have to be the end of the line— contact us today if you or someone you love is suffering from crack addiction.