Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Songwriting Group - "Broken and Stoned"

Songwriting Group – “Broken and Stoned”

Songwriting therapy through improvisation can be great for clients because it can reflect their feelings in that moment. During our group songwriting group this week, clients did a rendition of “Bad to the Bone” that reflected their addiction. They came up with the hook “Broken and Stoned.” We thought the song came out great and decided to record it when they preformed the song to share with you! Let us know what you think!! Here are the lyrics for “Broken and Stoned”.

On the day that I scored Cops all gathered round They gazed in wide wonder At all the dope they had found The sergeant spoke up And said I don’t like your tone He could tell right away That I was broken and stoned CHORUS I did a thousand blues Before I met you I shoot a thousand bags Before I am through I want to search the floor pretty baby Search the floor at home And I’m here to tell you That I’m broken and stoned CHORUS I make a rich woman beg I make a good woman steal I’ll make an old woman blush And make a young girl squeal I want to be poor pretty baby Poor and home alone And I’m here to tell you honey That I’m broken and stoned CHORUS And when I walk the streets Everyone runs inside Every woman I meet I sucked them all dry I want to be poor pretty baby Poor and home alone And I’m here to tell you honey That I’m broken and stoned

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