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Songwriting Contest Phase 3

We would love to thank everyone for entering the songwriting contest!  The top 5 have been chosen by your votes!

Music has been with us as long as we can collectively remember. Musical instruments have been found dating back tens of thousands of years. Yet no one knows why we love music. Researchers have yet to find a “music center” in the brain. Like many higher-order processes, the tasks involved in processing and enjoying music are distributed across several brain areas. One study found that when focusing on harmony in a piece, a subject experiences increased activity in the right temporal lobe’s auditory areas. Several studies have shown the temporal lobe to be one key region for understanding certain musical features. But it works closely with areas in the frontal lobe responsible for forming meaningful musical syntax (or structure).

Our Judges (Richie Supa, Johnny Mars and George Noriega) will be evaluating the songs. Songs will be judged based on melody, composition, originality and lyrics.

I know that all of the songs the made it through the voting process of our Songwriting Contest are amazing!

Congrats to everyone who made it!

Lilly Fangz – “R.I.P.”

Rob Tomlinson – “I Remember”

Matt Wilcof – “Supersonic”

The Cincinnati Kid – “Tear In Heaven”

Lyss Emerson – “Warrior”

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