Sober October Recap

Sober October Recap: How Did You Do?

If you’ll indulge a quick rhyme: Sober October is very near over. As we hurdle toward Halloween and close out the month, Recovery Unplugged is checking in to see how you handled your Sober October challenge. To recap, Sober October is a month-long commitment to living life without alcohol. It was started to both promote sobriety and raise money for charities, most notably by MacMillan Cancer Support in 2017. Whether you pledged to stay dry this October for health reasons, for charity or just to prove that you could, it’s worth examining how easy or hard it was for you to give up drinking, and what that means for your potential risk of alcohol abuse.

“Piece of Cake!”

If you sailed through Sober October, good for you and keep up the good work! Try extending your self-imposed dry spell through November. Take note of the immediate and long-term benefits that come from staying alcohol-free, such as:

  • Improved Mental Clarity
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Heart Health
  • Protection from Accidents and Poor Decision Making
  • Financial Savings
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Liver Relief

Thanksgiving may make it more difficult to turn Sober October into No-Booze November, especially when the pandemic is making it so hard to be with loved ones, but think of how good you feel when you’re not drinking and how much more you’re able to embrace life.

“Wow…That Was Hard, But I made It”

If you managed to stay sober for a whole month, but it was harder than you expected, maybe it’s time to start cutting back in general and examining some of the reasons why it was so difficult. Were you experiencing withdrawal symptoms? Were you feeling social pressure to drink? Did you find yourself reaching for a wine bottle or a beer after a tough day at work or a fight with a loved one? Understanding the triggers that cause you to drink when you don’t really want to is the key to taking control of your alcohol consumption and subsequent abuse.

“I Can’t Do This…I Really Need A Drink”

When you find that you’re unable to stop drinking even when you really want to, and make a concerted effort, it’s time to start seeking help. Start by going to meetings and asking your friends and loved ones for support. Whether this means telling them that you’re having a hard time quitting drinking or just telling them that you have no interest in going to bars anymore, a sober social life is critically important to recovery. Consider seeing a therapist to examine your triggers and the origins of your dependency.

Turn Sober October into A Sober Life

If you find that you truly can’t stop, despite mounting damage to your health and quality of life, seek treatment immediately, as this is the very definition of addiction. No matter how out of control your drinking has become, Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you overcome your alcohol addiction for good. Contact us today to start your treatment and recovery. We’re here to help. Sober October may be done, but your recovery, and your new life, is just beginning.

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