Senator Paul Strauss meets with Recovery Unplugged to discuss drug rehab innovations

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Paul Pellinger and Guests Bring the Recovery Unplugged Message to Nova Southeastern University

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014 Mr.Paul Pellinger got invited by Sen. Paul Strauss of the district of Columbia and Mr. Dalen Harris associate director to the office of inter governmental public liaison to discuss collaborations on substance-abuse and related issues. The meeting took place in the executive offices of the president of United States in Washington DC.

It was obvious to all that there still remains a negative stigma attached to addiction. Strategies were discussed on how to raise a public awareness on a national level. Treatment efforts and high recidivism even after treatment were also among the discussions.

Particular importance was paid in reference to Mr. Pellinger’s new innovative approach to addiction using music as a catalyst to engage potential clients. Recovery Unplugged is a drug rehab center located in Fort Lauderdale Florida that incorporates this new methodology that is showing great promise in treating addiction from a long term standpoint. Various professional/famous musicians help institute this new cutting-edge musical approach at the facility. Recovery unplugged wants to focus more on recovery triggers versus relapse triggers. They want to appeal to the spirit and emotions versus the head and the intellect. Pellinger said “real change happens in the heart, not the head”.

Recovery Unplugged

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The Recovery Unplugged music-focused addiction treatment approach was primarily developed by our co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Paul Pellinger. Paul’s years of experience in the addiction treatment industry combined with his deep love of music, and his belief in its ability to heal, led to the...
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