Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Self-esteem and Drug Rehab

Self-esteem and Drug Rehab

It’s normal to feel a bit low while ‘in the rooms.’  I witnessed something that was amazing this week at Recovery Unplugged (a drug rehab in florida).  Our director of client services and techs took our female clients to the nail salon getting makeovers inside and out.   I noticed that it did wonders for their self-esteem.  Why does this help?  Because it reaffirms three notions:

  • I am important
  • I am beautiful
  • I deserve this

What is Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem describes how we evaluate ourselves in relation to self-worth. It describes our confidence and satisfaction with our own lives.  The way people view themselves will have a serious impact in their lives.  Low self-esteem can force a person to struggle to find success and happiness because they do not feel worthy.  

Here are 5 Tips to boost your Self-Esteem after Drug Rehab In Florida:


Tip #1 – Stop your inner criticizer – Everyone is their own worst critic.  You don’t have to accept this.  Change how you view yourself and change what your inner critic says to you.  Think of a way to stop yourself mid thought.  Then refocus that thought into a positive idea or a constructive though.

Tip#2 – Focus on Positive Outcomes – Your outcome in drug rehab in florida is great.  Think about where you were when you came to treatment.  Is it a positive outcome?  We think so.

Tip#3 – Remind yourself of the benefits – Everyday write down the benefits of the goals you are working towards.  This will keep your motivation up as you see how your goals are evolving on a daily basis.

Tip#4 – Do the best you can – This also means doing the right thing! There is a lot of satisfaction in doing the right thing! It can be a small thing like going to the gym or a moment of understanding towards someone else but it sets the tone for the whole day.

Tip#5 – Handle mistakes better – Make no qualms about it, we all fail at things and make mistakes on our way to goals.  Don’t let a little mistake steamroll your confidence.  The most important thing that you can do is get up, make a plan and execute the plan.  It is more gratifying when you have a win after a loss or misstep.