Russell Brand's New Addiction Book

Russell Brand’s New Addiction Book Discusses Path to Recovery

It’s often said that addicts have to embrace recovery in their own way, and there is no clearer example of this adage than comedian, actor, radio host, activist, and author Russell Brand. A man who has, more or less, always lived life on his own terms, Brand has recently written a book about his own personal recovery process from drug, alcohol and sex addiction entitled Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions. The overarching narrative of brand’s philosophy on addiction is that it all stems from a certain level of narcissism. Russell Brand’s new addiction book was released last month to wide critical acclaim and has many rethinking the behavioral origins of substance misuse.

Brand’s bittersweet quasi-memoir explores the theory that people engage in substance abuse, overeating, promiscuous sex and other addictive activities because of a need to heal something inside themselves. Brand has been making the media rounds to discuss his ideas, including the New York Times, NPR and more. In an ironic twist, the historically anti-authority Brand articulates the need for addicts to give themselves over to a higher power, not so much for discipline, but for nurturing and support. He thinks of addiction as a mutating germ that can manifest through various different behaviors, including using drugs or alcohol, overeating or simply seeking attention.

Brand has been sober for 14 years and his new addiction book is his way of imparting the wisdom and knowledge he has gained from years of recovery and self-reflection. It’s incredibly common to feel lost and longing for answers during the search for substance abuse treatment. Anecdotal accounts like Brand’s offer new behavioral insights into the addict’s state of mind during their drug-seeking behavior and the series of thoughts and actions that led to their emotional decline. Recovery Unplugged understands the emotional turmoil in which patients arrive at our facility and we are ready to help them get their lives back on track.

Russell Brand’s new addiction book is available wherever books are sold.

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