RU’s Own Ashley Newton Drops New Single ”Misery”

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RU’s Own Ashley Newton Drops New Single ”Misery”

Singer-songwriter, former American Idol contestant and Recovery Unplugged alumnus Ashley Newton has just dropped four minutes and thirty-two seconds of soul, pain, strength and beauty on the music world. Her new single “Misery” is half musical and personal coming-of-age and half homage to the beautifully confessional blues standards that helped shaped the genre. Gliding and fluid arrangements, respectfully tasteful production and masterful instrumentation comprise this masterpiece and help tell the story of a woman who is wise and wounded beyond her years with a smoky and powerful voice about which the same can be said. The song immediately and forcefully declares Ashley’s arrival to the modern blues scene.

When Ashley Newton came to Recovery Unplugged, we could immediately sense that there was something distinct about her beyond her will to get help and overcome her substance use issues. Her work in our weekly Feel-Good Friday events other group settings has helped guide many of our clients toward a better and more intuitive sense of understanding about what music can do in the addiction recovery process. Since completing her treatment, Ashley has continued to reach new musical and personal heights, and she is a clear and enduring example of the power of music to conquer drug and alcohol addiction and enrich life.

A voice that is equally at home in the most intimate piano bars and the largest stadiums, Ashley Newton delivers beautifully painful and cathartic lyrics through sweeping and unforgettable melodies that manage to talk about the heartache and pain that we all experience in a completely unique way. Recovery Unplugged was incredibly gratified to be part of this project and help Ashley on her journey toward recovery. Recovery has allowed this artistic force to thrive and flourish, and we very much look forward to seeing Ashley’s musical future unfold. “Misery” is a song that absorbs the pain of the artist and synthesizes into a musical experience that is anything but miserable. Listen now.


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