Recovery Unplugged Talks with Premier Guitar Magazine

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Paul Pellinger

In an article that illustrates the healing power of music in multiple mental health issues, Premier Guitar Magazine recently spoke with Recovery Unplugged co-founder and CEO Paul Pellinger. Paul had a chance to discuss the RU treatment approach and the impact of music to facilitate emotional breakthrough and lasting wellness. The conversation covered various aspects of the Recovery Unplugged care program, including how we integrate music throughout each phase of treatment. While the piece focuses largely on the guitar’s role in music-based healing, it also discusses the evolution of music therapy and its efficacy in contemporary clinical treatment of conditions like PTSD, depression and others.

Recovery Unplugged would like to thank Premier Guitar Magazine for the opportunity to lend our voice to this article, and for shedding further light on the markedly positive impact of music in mental health treatment. The more coverage is given to this revolutionary and effective care approach, the more patients will have the proper access to music-based healing. Whether it’s through production, writing, performance of general appreciation, music has an innate power to help people express themselves and connect with their often dormant internal voices, a power that is often missing in tradition talk therapy because of the emotional barriers that patients experience.

As music-based therapy becomes more and more widely practiced, Recovery Unplugged is exceedingly proud to lead the way in new innovations and breakthroughs to help patients heal. Our program allows patients to embrace all aspects of music-based care regardless of their experience level because we believe in music’s universal power to heal. Whether you’re playing the guitar, writing your song or simply listening to your favorite band on your iPod, music in any form or practice, continues to be a viable therapeutic resource.


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The Recovery Unplugged music-focused addiction treatment approach was primarily developed by our co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Paul Pellinger. Paul’s years of experience in the addiction treatment industry combined with his deep love of music, and his belief in its ability to heal, led to the...
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