RU Encore Celebrates International Women’s Day 2018

The RU Encore team would like to recognize and celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day and offer special acknowledgement to the enormous social strides made by women all over the world in 2018. While the impact and significance of this day is equally important year after year, 2018 brings a particular resonance in the wake of the rapid and empowering social change being heralded by women all over the world. Phenomena like the MeToo and Time’s Up movements have put sexual aggressors in every area of life on notice while helping women to mobilize and achieve much-needed reforms both in the workplace and in the very dynamics of social interaction.

The Work Yet to Be Done

Despite the progress promised and already made by these and other movements, however, women continue to face a unique and potentially disempowering set of social pressures and cultural factors, including their unique struggle with substance abuse and addiction. The origins of substance use disorder (SUD) are very often much different for women than they are for men. One of the most glaring and malignant issues is the use of drugs and alcohol to cope with sexual assault. Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network reports that one out of every six women have been the victim of attempted or completed rape in their lifetime, compared to one in 71 men; couple this alarming disparity with the fact that sexual assault survivors are:

  • Four Times More Likely to Use Marijuana
  • Six Times More Likely to Use Cocaine
  • 10 Times More Likely to Use Other Major Drugs

Addressing the unique circumstances that lead women to substance use can improve treatment outcomes and help women in recovery improve their overall health and quality of life.

RU Encore encourages all to recognize and celebrate the women in their lives and around the world as we observe another International Women’s Day.