Paul Pellinger

RU Co-Founder Paul Pellinger Appears on New York’s Thunder 102 Radio

Ahead of his recent presentation at a Rural Health Network opioid addiction event in Sullivan County, Recovery Unplugged co-founder and chief strategy officer Paul Pellinger took to Liberty, NY’s Thunder 102 Radio for an interview. The in-depth conversation touched on a variety of subjects, including Paul’s long and accomplished tenure in the addiction care field, his commitment to helping patients overcome drug and alcohol dependency, his belief in the healing power of music, and the Recovery Unplugged mission statement. He also discussed his roots in Sullivan County, and how honored he was to serve as guest speaker at an event so close to where he grew up.

Perhaps the highlight of the conversation, however, was the passion and honesty with which Paul spoke of the power of music in the recovery process. After the interview, he delivered an engaging and informative presentation on the disease of addiction and viable recovery solutions. The event took place at Liberty’s Public Health Services headquarters on July 11. Recovery Unplugged is exceedingly proud of Paul for his dedication and commitment to the field of addiction treatment, and we are proud to have him at the helm of our continued growth.

Recovery Unplugged has included a full version of the interview for all who would like to listen.

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