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RIP Prince: The World Mourns the Loss of a Musical Giant

It is with deep and profound sadness that Recovery Unplugged mourns the death of Prince Rogers Nelson, known to the world and forever immortalized in musical history simply as Prince. The 57-year-old artist, whose boundless talent, cutting-edge style and otherworldly musicianship reshaped the pop music landscape, was found dead in his Paisley Park home studio in Chanhassen, Minnesota this morning, only a few days after being hospitalized in Illinois due to sudden illness. As we stand in grief with the rest of the musical world, our most heartfelt condolences go out to his loved ones. Loss is far too light a word to describe this tragedy.

Revered by casual and die hard music lovers alike, Prince was a once-in-a-generation talent whose impact on the recording industry and subsequent artists will never be erased. One of the few artists that completely lived up to his notoriety and fame, he made a life of pouring every last bit of himself into his records and his live performances. He also takes with him a legacy of complete and unwavering integrity after making a public showing of illustrating the importance of owning one’s art, career and identity. His music transcended genre and taste in a way that few artists have.

Prince is often mentioned in the same breath as artists like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley for the sheer enormity of their success and accomplishments. The truth is, he stands alone in his contributions to modern music. Prince sold over 100 million albums, entertained the world and inspired generations of musicians with his gifts. Recovery Unplugged encourages everyone to play their favorite Prince record today, and forever after, in memory of this musical icon of whom there will never be another.

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