Ring in the New Year with New Music from the RU Underground

Ring in the New Year with New Music from the RU Underground

Tonight we say goodbye to 2018, for better or worse, and no New Year’s Eve celebration is complete without the proper playlist. To many, however, Auld Lang Syne has become an old, lame song; and even the most beloved songs from this year are wearing thin. Our Unplugged Underground New Year’s Eve Playlist is the answer to this musical malaise. We have assembled a list of some of the best songs you may have never heard from 2018, while also including some gems from not-so-distant yesteryear.

Let’s face it, New Year’s Eve brings out different emotions in all of us, and sometimes all at once. At some point, no matter where we are tonight, most of us are going to spend time crying, laughing, hopeful, nostalgic, dancing our assess off with the people we love, and sitting in the corner by ourselves–this playlist has the sounds to get you through all of it. Make this year’s resolution (or at least the one you plan to keep) to discover new music.

Recovery Unplugged wishes everyone a happy, healthy and hopeful New Year. Please celebrate responsibly and act quickly to get back in treatment in the event of a sobriety setback. See you in 2019!

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