Our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Rehab

Music-Focused IOP Rehab

Intensive outpatient (IOP) rehab is a more longer-term and more in-depth version of our regular outpatient program. Clients attend more frequent sessions per week over a longer period of time at one of our IOP alcohol and drug rehab across the country. IOP rehab gives participants a lifeline to recovery and lasting wellness while allowing them to stay involved with their families, careers, social relationships and other lifestyle dynamics. The goal of IOP rehab is to help our clients cultivate healthy behavioral tools to avoid relapse through exploration, identification and management of the root causes of their addictions. Recovery Unplugged utilizes music-based therapy techniques to more effectively engage our clients with the treatment process.

Recovery Unplugged Clinical - Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Rehab

What Happens in IOP Rehab?

Our IOP rehab program generally consists of four to five treatment sessions per week, which last around four to five hours per day. During the program, patients work with our experienced, committed and passionate behavioral health staff to identify the origins and sustaining factors of their substance use disorder, whether it’s rooted in trauma, depression, anxiety or any other underlying mental health issue. Clients will develop history-specific behavioral coping techniques that will help them avoid relapse and incrementally start to rebuild their lives after they’ve completed treatment; we strive to help clients develop this realization through both active and passive engagement with music, including:

Building Personalized Recovery Playlists – Clients will have an active role in selecting emotionally resonant songs for their own personal playlists, while being encouraged to consider the origins of their emotional relationships with the songs, whether it’s a particular memory, the tempo, the lyrics, the melody or anything else.

Writing, Recording and Performing Music – Although you don’t need a musical background to fully benefit from our IOP rehab program, creative writing (whether it’s music or just lyrics and poetry), can be a remarkably effective creative outlet; it can also provide an illuminating window into the psychological factors that lead to substance abuse. Clients have the opportunity to write, record and perform their own music so they have a lasting reminder of their strength, creativity and progress in treatment.

Live Performances from Artists in Recovery – Events like our weekly Feel-Good Fridays, Open Mics and other specialized concerts clearly illustrate the profound benefits of music in the recovery while giving clients the opportunity to connect with one another and hear insights regarding the treatment and recovery processes from people who have been there.

Our IOP rehab programs also includes group therapy, individualized counseling, coordination with detox (if needed) and a variety of other treatment services.

Benefits of IOP Rehab

The reality of addiction recovery is that, even under the best of circumstances, it can be messy. Trying to reconcile a treatment schedule with other areas of one’s life like work, family, personal relationships or even medical care can be incredibly difficult and when these things fall apart because they were unable to properly attend to them, the resulting trauma can, and often does lead to relapse. Intensive outpatient rehab strikes a balance between targeted and in-depth care and the flexibility one needs to keep other areas of their lives intact. The process can also be an affordable alternative to inpatient treatment, and is usually more readily covered by clients’ employer-based insurance. There are times, however, when clients need residential care.

Our IOP Rehab Centers

Recovery Unplugged offers multiple facilities across the country that provide music-assisted IOP rehab for drug and alcohol addiction, including:

Austin, TX – Our Austin alcohol and drug rehab facility offers a comprehensive course of music-focused IOP rehab in one of the nation’s musical hotspots. Clients receive care from a collaborative and committed team of clinicians and creative professionals, and have the benefit of safe, comfortable and supportive environment that includes freshly prepared food and a fully equipped music production space.

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Our Fort Lauderdale IOP rehab center is our flagship treatment facility and offers a complete continuum of care for individuals struggling with all types of substance use disorder. Clients receive care at our comfortable and safe treatment facility located just a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Care is administered by our world-class clinicians and creative staff, and the facility offers state-of-the-art music spaces and multiple other amenities.

Annandale, VA – Recovery Unplugged Northern VA Treatment Center is our most recent intensive outpatient rehab center offering care to clients in the Mid-Atlantic region. This facility is in network with most major insurance providers to make the rehab process more affordable and accessible.

Is IOP Rehab Right for Me?

IOP rehab is any ideal care model for anyone who is anxious about the treatment process. It’s the perfect opportunity to gradually take steps to fix your life by remaining present in it. The rehab process is not only about preventing relapse; it’s about building a life around recovery and living independence from alcohol and other drugs; this means making sure that the areas of a person’s life that suffered in the wake of their addiction are being rebuilt in a healthy, realistic and measurable fashion. Recovery Unplugged understands that everything suffers in the wake of addiction, and we’re ready to help you or your loved one start overcoming your substance abuse today.