RecoveryFest Celebrates Addiction Recovery to Nashville

RecoveryFest Music Series Celebrates Addiction Recovery in Nashville

There’s never been a better time than today to get clean. The city of Nashville agrees, which is why hundreds of people in recovery came out this past Saturday, September 28, to have a festive, drug- and alcohol-free day of fun and fellowship at the seventh annual RecoveryFest Nashville. Nashville’s contribution to National Recovery Month, RecoveryFest’s primary goal is to help shake off the stigma that has continued to plague the recovery community over the course of the years. A grassroots movement celebrating addiction recovery in Nashville, the organizers of the festival want nothing more than to celebrate the reality of recovery and the positive impact it has on the perception of mental health, substance use disorders, and other addictions that bring down the quality of life for people across the United States.

Spreading Hope and Recovery from Addiction in Nashville

Since the very first incarnation of the festival, the organizers of RecoveryFest, many of whom are in recovery themselves, were determined to support the local recovery community and create a space where former addicts could come together to celebrate living healthy lives with music, food, and fun. On top of the hundreds of attendees, a number of sponsors and vendors made appearances to help educate the public about the reality of addiction and help disperse the socially ingrained stigma and shame surrounding substance abuse and recovery. Many of the organizers want nothing more than to give others who are struggling with substances the same hope that was given to them. Cayce Leon, an organizer in recovery herself, wants to let others battling with addiction know that “Just because there has been some kind of addiction in their life doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun anymore.”

How Recovery Unplugged is Helping

With our newest facility opening up in Brentwood this November, our goal is to help bolster and bring more love, life, and hope and addiction recovery to the Nashville community. Recovery Unplugged isn’t just another treatment center– we’re a movement focused on saving lives through the power of music and showing people that there is life after recovery. With everything from our music-assisted treatment to our amazing #iPartySober events, we’re ready to show Nashville why music really is our medicine.