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Live your best life, and live it sober. The I___Sober Movement celebrates all who have made the choice to do what they love without alcohol or drugs slowing them down or disrupting their lives.

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What is I___Sober?

The Recovery Unplugged I___Sober Movement is committed to the idea that you can live a rich, full and rewarding life, however you want, without leaning on drugs or alcohol. Our community of allies spans all walks of life, from artists to athletes to everyday people, all of whom have made the conscious and passionate choice to do what they love with a clear head and a full heart, free of the drama and dysfunction of alcohol and drug use. Some of us are in recovery, some of us have just chosen not to let alcohol or drugs slow us down or dampen our passion for life. If you’re struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, we’re ready to help you take the first step toward living and enjoying a sober life.

I skateboard sober

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What Do You___Sober?

Our community is strengthened and made richer by the sober stories of each one of our allies. Recovery Unplugged would love to hear what you’ve chosen to do with your sober life, whether it’s cooking, cleaning, creating, reading, writing, relaxing or anything else. Do you “politics” sober? Do you “bowl” sober? What about “romantic-comedying” sober? Come on…we know there are a few of you out there.

We welcome and encourage you to submit your sober story. Just fill out the form and submit a quick video telling us how you live your best sober life. We want to hear from everyone. The more stories we receive, the more diverse our movement becomes. Tell us your sober story now and talk to your sober friends about connecting with us, as well. Join the I___Sober movement now.

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