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Recovery Unplugged’s NCAD 15 Plenary Speaker

It was announced yesterday that Richie Supa, Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center’s (a Florida drug rehab) Director of Creative Recovery, will be the Opening Plenary Speaker for the 2015 National Conference on Addiction Disorders and Behavioral Healthcare Leadership Summit, August 1-4 in St. Louis, MO.

Though all of his musical success Richie considers his 27-year recovery to be his greatest accomplishment. He has released several albums devoted to his sobriety, and his undertaking to use music as an inspiration to those struggling with addiction.

In the opening session— Richie will relate his own recovery journey, and how he has applied his experiences in developing Recovery Unplugged’s innovative approach of using music to transform clients on an individual level.  Richie’s word of hope are going to inspire and encourage attendees to find their own strength to identify what can inspire each of their patients toward recovery.

Recovery Unplugged™ Treatment Center is a rehab facility in Florida that offers a rehabilitation approach that is unique, long-lasting, and truly individualized. Recovery Unplugged™ combines traditional and cognitive behavioral rehabilitation approaches by using music as a catalyst to break down defenses, inspire, and motivate the change necessary for long-term smart recovery and sobriety. The best thing about our approach is that clients can take the skills and knowledge with them when they complete treatment to use throughout their lives.

Music Makes The Difference