Recovery Unplugged Represents in Full Force at this Year’s KISS Country Chili CookOff

The Recovery Unplugged Team Represents at the 2018 KISS Country FM Chili CookOff

This weekend, Recovery Unplugged spent Saturday working the #iPartySober tent at the 34th annual 99.9 FM KISS Country Chili CookOff. While the name of the event could have easily been changed to “Chilly” CookOff, amid an unfortunate spell of wet and cold weather, the rain managed to dampen everything but spirits. Armed with ponchos, pluck and positivity, everyone was too busy listening to Luke Combs play his guitar or watching Brooks & Dunn rock the stage to care about the weather. From the view of our #iPartySober tent, Recovery Unplugged was able to get an eye and earful of some of Country Music’s most explosive acts and breakout artists.

As one of the sponsors of the KISS Country Chili CookOff, we had tents both behind the stage and in front of the stage. Our backstage tent, the Get in Tune Room presented by our nonprofit organization, Face The Music, served as a provisional recovery room for any staff, crew, and artists seeking a safe space to keep themselves strong in their sobriety. We also had an amazing turnout with our front of stage Recovery Unplugged #iPartySober tent, where we were helping people enter our raffle for the chance to win a guitar signed by all the CookOff artists and giving out free Recovery Unplugged merchandise to everyone who took a picture at our awesome selfie booth. Plenty of people also enjoyed playing a fun game of Root Beer Pong with friends while listening to the concert and standing out of the rain.

Among the hundreds of people stopping by our tent to ask us about Recovery Unplugged’s purpose and mission, we also had a few Recovery Unplugged alumni swing by and share their personal stories of overcoming their addictions and how music and our program helped them battle their substance abuse disorders. It was people like them that made everyone working at the tent forget that it was rainy and cold and feel like we were celebrating sobriety on a sunny South Florida day. Do you or a loved one need help dealing with substance abuse? Call us today and find out exactly why we’re proud to say that music is our medicine.