Recovery Unplugged Releases New eBook on the Impact of Addiction on Families

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Recovery Unplugged Releases New eBook on the Impact of Addiction on Families

Families are the lesser-discussed casualties of addiction. For practically every one of the over 23 million Americans suffering from chemical dependency, there is a whole separate group of people suffering right alongside them. This family doesn’t even have to be blood-related. They can be anybody in our lives to whom we look for love, guidance, support and affection. When addiction threatens the family unit, loved ones of addicts can, and often do, become paralyzed with fear and uncertainty, resulting in inactivity and even enabling. Rather than let addiction and chemical dependency destroy the fabric of their family and threaten their loved one’s life, families can educate and empower themselves to guide their addicted loved one toward treatment.

Recovery Unplugged is proud to offer families a new tool to help families better understand their capabilities in this situation. Entitled “The Role and Responsibility of Families in the Addiction Recovery Process”, the new eBook discusses a variety of issues families face when endeavoring to deal with addiction, including the intervention process, the family’s role in post-treatment recovery, the importance of family involvement in treatment programs and much more. Recovery Unplugged authored this document to help begin families’ education regarding the disease of addiction, and to show them that, despite what they may think, they can be instrumental in reversing their loved ones’ course of active substance abuse and guide them toward the care they need.

Recovery Unplugged was exceedingly proud to produce this document, and very much hopes that it serves as a gateway to a more refined understanding among families of addicts regarding their considerable power and the steps they should take to promote and sustain recovery in their loved one’s life. DOWNLOAD the new eBook now, and learn how you can make the difference in your addicted loved one’s life.

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