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Recovery Unplugged – Raising The Bar

On Friday, April 17 the Family Law Section of BCBA held another sold-out full day seminar & reception event called Raising the Bar. Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center is a full year sponsor of the Broward County Bar Association. The Broward County Bar Association, a not-for-profit organization, was founded in 1925 to foster courtesy, ethics, and professionalism among Broward County lawyers, to educate the citizens of Broward County on their legal rights, and to provide necessary legal services to Broward County’s residents.

The Raising the Bar conference is an event that is held every year for Family Law Attorneys via Broward County Bar Association. CEO Marshall Geisser and Court Liaison Sehar Irfan were present for Recovery Unplugged as an annual sponsor for the Broward Bar. There, we were able to engage with many attorneys and discuss alternatives for their clients dealing with substance abuse. Oftentimes, Family law attorneys have clients that suffer from addiction. Our presence assured them that there is an alternative of treatment for their clients in lieu of incarceration and/or other consequences by using the power of music. Becoming more involved in the legal community is a goal of Recovery Unplugged. Marshall and Sehar work diligently to raise awareness of addiction and treatment. Being present at Raising the Bar was a huge success in their efforts. More than 150 Family Law Practice attorneys were present. Recovery Unplugged was honored to be a sponsor of this event and help spread awareness of our program and assistance.