Recovery Unplugged Presents The “Unplugged Underground” Playlist Series

7 September 2018

Think about how amazing it is to hear a great piece of music for the first time: how a melody can become absolutely infectious as you go about your day; how the right lyrics can make you want to completely alter the trajectory of your life; how a song can change your mood and spark your curiosity so much that you can’t help but listen to it over and over again.

Recovery Unplugged wants to help you experience these feelings every week and connect you with music you may have never heard before. Our Unplugged Underground playlist is a weekly collection of songs from independent  artists from all genres. These playlists are curated by our staff and span the emotional spectrum to help clients who are experiencing all types of feelings.

Unplugged Underground Playlist – 09-07-2018

Hot Water Music – Driving Home

Swervedriver – Wrong Treats

Red House Painters – Grace Cathedral Park

Stars – The Night Starts Here

Damien Dempsey – Ghosts of Overdoses

There’s a vast musical universe out there. Exposure to new music reinvigorates the spirit and the artistic curiosity. Our goal with these playlists is to perpetuate of cycle of discovery and conversation while helping you fall in love with music all over again with each new song you here. Listen to this week’s playlist and let us know your thoughts.