Recovery Unplugged Kicks Off Pride Month 2019

Recovery Unplugged Kicks Off Pride Month 2019

June 1st ushered in Pride Month 2019, an event where members of the LGBTQ+ community can feel free, safe and encouraged to actively embrace and express their identities; celebrate with likeminded people and supporters; and raise awareness regarding the macro and everyday issues that impact their group. For our own part, Recovery Unplugged will be using Pride Month as an opportunity to celebrate queer artists and musicians who have successfully taken on drug or alcohol addiction, and lived to tell about it either sung or spoken word. Throughout the month, we will all be discussing the issues that contribute to substance abuse in the queer community and what can be done to reverse the high levels of addiction within this population. We will also be looking at the state of LGBTQ+ addiction treatment resources in the current healthcare system.

Press Play for Pride Month

We’re kicking things off with a PRIDE MONTH PLAYLIST to enjoy during your celebration. The list spans decades, from Bessie Smith to Barry Manilow to Bob Mould, illustrating just how important LGBTQ+ artists have been to the American and global songbooks. Let it play all month (there are more than enough tracks) and celebrate Pride Month however you feel comfortable. For those who want to take the music with them and party sober with Recovery Unplugged in person, we will be at the 20th Annual Stonewall Pride Festival in Wilton Manors, FL on June 15. Stop by, get some swag and say hello.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), along with multiple other sources, reports that those who identify in the sexual minority are more than twice as likely to engage in substance use than the heterosexual population to engage in past-year substance use. Recovery Unplugged is committed to helping our LGBTQ+ clients the identity-specific factors that have driven and sustain their substance use and guide them toward lasting recovery. We offer LGBTQ+ addiction treatment options to help you or your loved one. Stay tuned for what we have in store! Happy Pride Month!

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