Recovery Unplugged Drops by NBC’s Six in the Mix

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Recovery Unplugged Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Paul Pellinger continues to make the rounds and spread the Recovery Unplugged message of music-based healing. Our faithful CSO recently dropped by NBC Miami’s lifestyle and entertainment program Six in the Mix to let their audience know about the work we do at Recovery Unplugged and the numerous ways music can help enrich our health and quality of life.

Paul discusses his nearly 30-year tenure in the addiction care industry and his latest book Music Is Our Medicine, which was released last December and has already appeared on the Amazon Bestseller List. Music is Our Medicine tells the story of the Recovery Unplugged evolution and how Paul helped to develop our music-based treatment model based on his own findings and experiences.

Paul also discusses how Recovery Unplugged uses music as a catalyst to help patients engage and confront their emotions, and its strong association with memory and communication. Check out the interview to see Paul in action. 



Recovery Unplugged

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The Recovery Unplugged music-focused addiction treatment approach was primarily developed by our co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Paul Pellinger. Paul’s years of experience in the addiction treatment industry combined with his deep love of music, and his belief in its ability to heal, led to the...
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