Recovery Unplugged Discusses Family Weekend with Clinical Director Klifton Fehr

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Recovery Unplugged Family Weekend

Family is an integral part of the addiction treatment and long-term recovery processes. The ability to reconnect with our loved ones and cultivate a support system during and after treatment is critical to long-term sobriety. It’s also true that families, themselves, need support and guidance to navigate their loved one’s substance use disorder. One of the ways Recovery Unplugged reinforces the importance of family support, education and involvement in the addiction care process is through our Family Weekend. We recently caught up with our Clinical Director Klifton Fehr to find out what Family Weekend is all about.

Can You Give Us Some Background on Family Weekend?

So Family Weekend is a time when we invite families to come in to not only support their loved ones that are in our care, but we also to provide them with some support. Oftentimes families lose sight of themselves, and really don’t know how to get back on track as far as self-care and then taking a break to catch their own breath. We all know addiction is a family disease. If one person is dealing with the disease of addiction, the family is working to help their loved one, and it can become exhausting- whether it be paying the bills, keeping them employed, or even checking to make sure their loved one is still alive.

Sometimes families just need to be able to catch their breath. We provide that place- that weekend where we have beautiful therapist to help the families give a voice to some of their fears.  We wish to provide a safe space to share their experience and hope with other families who are in similar positions. At Family Weekend, we not only provide support, but we also provide a space where we can express and celebrate the recovery of our loved ones.

What Is the Family Weekend Schedule Like?

We usually have Family Weekend every five weeks. Last time we had 38 people from 14 different families who came and participated.  We’re looking to expand it to every three to four weeks. We want to help it support as many families as we can in a more effective manner.

Where Is Family Weekend Currently Offered?

We have family weekend in both Fort Lauderdale, Florida as well as Austin, Texas. Austin is working to get theirs off the ground. We’re also working with expanding to the Virginia location, and getting family weekend started there.”

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