Paul Pellinger

Recovery Unplugged CSO Paul Pellinger to Speak at Major Northeast Opioid Conference

On October 11th, addiction treatment veteran and RU’s very own Chief Strategy Officer Paul Pellinger will be speaking at the Sullivan County Public Health Conference. The event, which will be held at the site of the original Woodstock Festival (Bethel Woods Center for The Arts – Event Gallery) will examine local solutions to the national opioid crisis in hopes of promoting awareness, education and action regarding this public health issue. Other distinguished guests include Sullivan County Public Health Director Nancy McGraw; renowned psychiatrist Dr. Nicholas Batson and Project Lazarus CEO Fred Wells Brason II. Paul will be imparting counsel and guidance from his decades of experience in the treatment industry in hopes of sparking a proactive conversation about opioid treatment.

Like other areas of the country, Sullivan County has been battling a fierce and urgent opioid crisis for the past several years. In the first half of this year alone, opioids were linked to 20 deaths, representing a significant increase from the total of 14 during the previous year. Local law enforcement has pointed to fentanyl, a topic sure to be discussed at the conference, as the primary driver of the uptick in fatal overdoses. The conference panel, which is comprised of experienced clinicians and law enforcement from all over Sullivan County, is hoping the event will lead to tangible solutions to the escalating problem.

Pre-registration is required and the conference starts promptly at 9am. Register now for your chance to be part of an empowering, educational and inspiring experience. The more people present ideas regarding how to eradicate opioid addiction, the better our chances are of seeing real and measurable change. We are delighted that Paul will have the chance to relay the Recovery Unplugged mission statement of music-based healing on some of music’s most hallowed grounds. Come be part of the solution.

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