Paul Pellinger

Recovery Unplugged Chief Strategy Officer Paul Pellinger “Comes Home” to Sullivan County, NY to Discuss Opioid Addiction

Last month, Recovery Unplugged Chief Strategy officer, and veteran of the addiction care landscape, Paul Pellinger went back to the area where he was born to discuss the opioid addiction epidemic currently plaguing the United States. The Woodbourne native and driving force behind the Recovery Unplugged mission statement gave a talk entitled Music Is Medicine at this year’s Sullivan County Public Health Conference at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. The talk was met with wide acclaim and even garnered Paul a story in the Sullivan County Democrat. The piece discusses Paul’s roots in Sullivan County, how he overcame drug addiction nearly 30 years ago and his work in pioneering music-based addiction treatment at Recovery Unplugged.

The article describes, in great detail, Paul’s personal and professional evolution, from his early days in the addiction treatment industry to his status as a leader at the forefront of music-based drug and alcohol rehab, including the poignant and illuminating moment when he realized he was meant to help others successfully battle addiction like he did. Also mentioned in the piece was the enormous influence that music had in Paul’s personal recovery and how it’s endured as a guiding and therapeutic force in his life. Paul outlines the Recovery Unplugged method of musical medicine and how he came to develop and refine the formula that’s helped so many of our patients overcome opioid addiction and other types of chemical dependency.

This article is one more affirmation that Paul and the rest of the Recovery Unplugged team have invented a truly unique and successful brand of addiction treatment, piecing together science, passion, knowledge and experience to create a music-based formula that’s helped countless patients find their way to recovery. His talk at this year’s Sullivan County Conference is his latest attempt to spread the word about RU’s methodology and successes. As we move forward in expanding our message of music-based care, we are grateful for Paul’s leadership, insight and guidance.