Recovery Unplugged Celebrates Sober October…Let’s Get into It!

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How to Do Sober October Recovery Unplugged

Fresh off the heels of National Recovery Month, Recovery Unplugged is pumped to celebrate Sober October 2020. This year  has tested the wills of even the most ardent teetotalers and staunchest recovery advocates, and there are few more welcome events this month than one that celebrates sobriety and a life without alcohol during a time where excessive drinking is more of a danger than ever. Americans over 30 have been drinking more and more during the COVID-19 pandemic and mental health issues related to multiple national crises have compelled many to reach for the bottle, or some other type of escape. Events like Sober October remind us all of what a bad idea it is to escape our problems with substance use…and that we really don’t have to.

What the Heck Is It, Anyway?

Sober October encourages people to go booze-free for 31 days and discover the benefits of a dry life. It started off with exceedingly noble intentions of raising money for cancer treatment, and his since become a personal challenge for many who are finding that they simply want to live a sober life. Since its expansion, there’s really only been one rule: try and go the whole month without drinking. It’s a great way to gauge just how much of an impact alcohol has on your life, and an ideal stepping-stone for long-term recovery if you have a problem. Alcohol abuse is the deadliest substance use issue facing the country, killing approximately 88,000 Americans each year.

How Do You October Sober?

Recovery Unplugged is challenging everyone to embrace Sober October and tell us how they did it! We’re always looking for people to join our I_Sober movement and this is the perfect opportunity to earn your sober stripes! If you find that you’re physically or emotionally unable to stay away from alcohol for more than a few weeks, it might be time to get help. Contact us if you discover you or your loved one have an alcohol problem.

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