Recovery Unplugged Celebrates National Recovery Month

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Recovery Unplugged Celebrates National Recovery Month

A day after recognizing International Awareness Day, Recovery Unplugged is now fittingly observer another important event within the recovery community.

This September marks the 27th annual National Recovery Month. Recovery Unplugged encourages all to lend their support and get involved. Sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), National Recovery Month is a 30-day call to action in which communities all over the country are encouraged to educate themselves about addiction while recognizing the extraordinary strength and courage of those in recovery. The event is also an opportunity to shed some light on many of the lesser-discussed aspects of addiction, including family involvement, associated mental illnesses, specifically vulnerable populations and ways to prevent substance abuse in individual communities.

Show Your Support and Get Involved

The strength of National Recovery Month lies in the energy and mobilization of its participants. SAMHSA has developed a comprehensive tool kit for those wishing to get more involved in spreading substance abuse awareness and education in their own backyards. The kit contains some vital and helpful resources, including:

  • Instructions to plan and promote Recovery Month activities and events
  • Information about substance abuse and mental health issues in the particularly vulnerable military. LGBT and trauma-survivor communities
  • Material highlighting the importance of families, communities, and individuals sharing stories of recovery to encourage others to make a personal connection with the recovery movement
  • Information for families highlighting the importance of self-care for individuals supporting a loved one in recovery
  • Links to information about commonly misused substances and mental health disorders

To learn more about how to get involved, visit

The Importance of Recovery Month

Each day many of us encounter someone who has successfully overcome addiction. In addition to promoting conversation about the need for further involvement in addiction treatment and prevention, Recovery Month recognizes those who have been able to take their lives back from chemical dependency and further empower themselves. Recovery Unplugged reiterates our commitment to the recovery community through the recognition of their accomplishments and treating future members through music-based care. We ask that all take this opportunity to learn more about one of the most pervasive public health issues in the country and do their part to lend a hand in whatever capacity possible.

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