Recovery Unplugged celebrates our nursing staff during National Nurses Week 2019.

Recovery Unplugged Celebrates National Nurses Week

Today marks the first day of National Nurses Week 2019, an event organized by the American Nurses Association to observe the vital role that nurses play in medical care, and to celebrate their talents, compassion, work ethic and love and advocacy for their patients. Anyone who has ever spent a few hours in a medical care facility, whether it’s for a check-up, a sprained knee, cancer treatment, substance use disorder rehab or anything else, understands the integral role that nurses play in the care process, and Recovery Unplugged is grateful every day for the amazing nursing staff at all of our locations.

Let’s Talk…

Nurses Week runs from National Nurses Day on May 6th to modern nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale’s birthday on May 12th. During this time, Recovery Unplugged is taking the opportunity to not only celebrate the invaluable contributions of our own nursing staff, but also to discuss some of the unique issues facing this professional community. Some of the topics discussed during this week’s celebration will include the specific issues faced by nurses in the addiction treatment field, the high rates of addiction in the nursing community and the importance of adequate mental health resources for nurses who sustain acute or repetitive emotional trauma. We look forward to examining these issues while highlighting our own nursing professionals.

A Week of Well-Deserved Awareness and Recognition

Data from the American Association of Nursing Colleges indicates that there are approximately four times as many nurses as there are physicians in the American healthcare field. This means that nurses are on the front lines of modern medicine, and the professionals with whom patients most commonly interact during their care. With every patient for whom they care, nurses must be a combination of “caretaker”, “emotional support advocate”, “healthcare policy liaison” and, perhaps most importantly, “friend”. They are with patients through each phase of the care process and provide the expertise, sensitivity, information and support that all patients and their loved ones need during treatment. Nurses Week represents an opportunity to show adequate appreciation and support for these dedicated healthcare professionals.

In Case We Don’t Say It Enough…

Recovery Unplugged would be remiss if we didn’t take every available opportunity to sing the praises of our capable and dedicated nursing team. Every day our nurses further the Recovery Unplugged mission of exemplary care through their knowledge, experience, compassion and commitment to our clients. Please join Recovery Unplugged in recognizing nurses everywhere during the 26th Annual National Nurses Week.