Recovery RockFest 2016 Invades Wilmington

This past Saturday, hundreds in the recovery community gathered at Wilmington, North Carolina’s Hugh McRae Park to hear great music and exchange support during the 2016 Recovery RockFest. The event was hosted by Recovery Comedian Dick Satori and featured musical and visual artists from all over the country. Musicians in recovery got a chance to achieve further catharsis and inspire others through their amazing live performances, while painters and illustrators were given a forum to showcase their raw and engaging recovery-themed work. The event also featured various speakers and a tent where attendees could access valuable resources to deal with addiction in their lives and families. Above all, it was a much-needed reminder of the strength, talent and viability of the recovery community both on a collective and individual basis.

Now in its third year, Recovery RockFest perfectly illustrates the vibrant artistic spirit of the recovery community and showcases the best and brightest artists in the process. It’s yet another indicator of how recovery and art go hand in hand both, and how music can be used to heal recovering addicts both during and well after the treatment process. As the correlation between music and healing becomes and more and evident, it is the hope of Recovery Unplugged that more and more musicians in recovery are able to access more supportive outlets that blend the two while celebrating recovery-themed art. We will continue to lead the conversation regarding the immeasurable healing benefits of music in addiction treatment.

About Recovery RockFest

Founded by Nyla Cione, Recovery Rock Fest is a non-profit whose mission is to provide a community outreach event bringing awareness of recovery from addiction into the roots of their community. To inspire and encourage recovery from addiction through the gift of music, and offer information and various resources at the event for those that may be looking for help.