Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Reading the Signs of Drug Addiction

Reading the Signs of Drug Addiction

When you suspect a child, parent or loved one is struggling with addiction, it is hard to know what to do. There is always a risk of damaging a relationship and many do not know how to be sure addiction is present. Many times, when someone is struggling with drug abuse there are certain warning signs that arise. By no means is this list all-inclusive, but it may be helpful to know some of the indicators. Typically, the first things you may notice are changes in behavior and temperament. Are they extra sensitive or defensive when you bring up certain topics? Do they have drastic mood changes? As drugs alter a person’s mental state, they begin to act out of character. In addition, as they try to keep their addiction secret, they will act more secretive and make changes to their normal routine to keep others off their trail.

One of the major signs is a change in sleep habits, which will also contribute to their change in temperament. There are also physical signs that someone is abusing drugs. The most obvious of which are dilated pupils, red eyes, open sores and drastic weight loss or gain. Certain drugs will cause nosebleeds and make the face look red and swollen. Others will make a person itchy or have an unusual skin color. While this may seem obvious, if a loved one is struggling with addiction you will find drug paraphernalia around the house. For example, cigarette wrappings, syringes, pipes and bongs can be used for illegal drugs, but are often marketed for use with legal tobacco products.

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