Addiction Recovery For Healthcare Professionals

You spend your entire career helping & caring for others. Healthcare professionals face unique challenges when it comes to dealing with sobriety & recovery. Recovery Unplugged can help. Our Professionals In Recovery program is purpose built for nurses, doctors, lpns, and other healthcare professionals.

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You spend your life on the front lines of health care, working somewhere between life and death every day.When we’re at our sickest and most vulnerable, you are with us 24-7, keeping us safe and comfortable while we heal.Sometimes these pressures can be overwhelming, and you may not how to cope.

Recovery Unplugged knows how hard nurses work, and how easy it can be for them to turn to substance abuse as an escape. We offer specialized treatment for nurses to help them overcome addiction and get back to answering their true calling. Recovery Unplugged provides compassionate medical detox, customized rehab and case-management services to help you be at your best for the patients who rely on you every day.Stop battling addiction on your own. It’s time to let someone else be strong for you while you take time to heal. Because you can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself.

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Recovery Unplugged offers specialized addiction care for healthcare professionals, including detoxification, behavioral rehab and medication-assisted treatment. We’re aware of the unique pressures and challenges that you and your colleagues face, and we’re ready to offer discreet, music-assisted treatment to help you heal.

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