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Whether you’re a pilot, flight attendant, air traffic controller, or flight operations professional, you’ve dedicated yourself to the millions of people that rely on you to get wherever they’re going safely and efficiently. The stress, demands, and challenges of being an airline industry professional can be daunting even on a good day. When those stressors become overwhelming, some may find themselves dealing with a substance abuse disorder and unsure of how to simultaneously take care of their health while also preserving the career they’ve worked so hard to build.

Recovery Unplugged’s Airline Professionals programs are designed to address the unique challenges faced by airline industry professionals. Our treatment outcomes are 4X the national average, and all of our clinical programs are certified to the highest standards. You can rely on Recovery Unplugged to get your health and your career back to flight-ready status. We’ve been helping airline professionals who are struggling with addiction find their way to recovery and lasting freedom from drugs and alcohol for years.

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Recovery Unplugged offers specialized addiction care for airport and airline professionals, including detoxification, behavioral rehab and medication-assisted treatment. We’re aware of the unique pressures and challenges that you and your colleagues face, and we’re ready to offer discreet, music-assisted treatment to help you heal.

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