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Post-Pandemic Promises: What Lessons Will You Take Away from the COVID-19 Crisis?

Even the scariest and most uncomfortable situations present learning opportunities, especially about ourselves. In fact, it’s often only when we’re forced to stay put and stop running around,  that we give ourselves the benefit of real reflection and examination. If there is anything to be gained from the self-isolation imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that we have an opportunity learn, realign our priorities and gear up to be the best versions of ourselves.

Watch as Recovery Unplugged’s Jordan Guthrie discusses her very own post-pandemic promises, and what she plans to do when we’re once again free to connect with one another. Jordan shares her personal insights on how we can not only gain wisdom and insight from this adversity, but also how we can maintain the parts of our lives that enrich ourselves and others.

Any Other Suggestions?

While personal growth looks different for everyone, there are some universal things on which most of us can stand to work a little harder.

Repeat…Be More Present

No matter where we are, or who we’re with, there’s almost always a little piece of us that is someplace else. There’s a time and a place to think about work, financial stress, the future and everything else. Being more present for the people we love strengthens our relationships and helps us see the people we care about in a whole new and more genuine light. It also helps us to embrace and learn from experiences.

Realize What Matters

There’s nothing quite like the prospect of going without toilet paper, hand sanitizer and human contact to help you prioritize. The next time you think something is a big deal, stack it up against the time you had to for weeks or months without seeing the people you care about most. Or the time you had to wear a mask and gloves during spring whenever you had to leave the house.

Say It

If you’re like many, your loved ones can very quickly become just your…ones. It’s natural for us to take the people we love for granted every now and again, but telling your close friends and family how you feel about them lets them know they’re valued. In times of crisis, there is little more important than that.

Give Yourself and Others A Break

This crisis has taught that none of us have it together all the time, and we really don’t have to. Give yourself  and others permission to be vulnerable, process your feelings and reach out for help, support or just conversation.

What Will You Do Differently?

You’ve heard Jordan’s post-pandemic promises, and you’ve read some of our suggestions. Now tell us how you plan to make the most of your life when the COVID-19 crisis ends. Reach out to us on social media with your plans, insights and post-pandemic promises.