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Physical Side Effects of Addiction

Drug addiction is a very serious situation that often has severe physical side effects. After extensive drug use, a person can begin to look very different from their pre-addiction selves.
Weight loss and weight gain is one of the potential drastic physical side effects of addiction. Some drugs will suppress appetite, leaving the person dangerously thin an uninterested in eating and building or maintaining muscle mass. In other situations, drug users will feel almost ravenous and gain extreme amounts of weight. Some of the drugs considered to be more addictive and dangerous tend to have serious physical side effects. Drugs such as meth can cause a person to have open sores throughout their body. Some substances that require injection will cause a person to have numerous injection sites on their arms and legs.

A person’s body may also react to drug use with red skin on the body or face. They may be extremely itchy and constantly uncomfortable with increased sensitivity of their skin. Sometimes, drug use will result in red eyes or dilated pupils. While this is not an all-inclusive list, it touches on the physical side effects of drug use, which is just one aspect of the detrimental aspects of addiction. This list does not even begin to approach the mental damage that drug addiction can have on a person.