Pete’s Playlist: RU Underground Remembers Buzzcocks Front Man Pete Shelley

RU Underground Remembers Buzzcocks Singer Pete Shelley

This week the world said goodbye to an elder-statesmen (although it’s likely he’d hate that term) and undeniable luminary of UK punk. Buzzcocks singer and guitarist Pete Shelley passed away on December 6 in Estonia, where he had been living since 2012. Shelley leaves behind a wife, a son, legions of fans and scores of artists that were directly inspired by his youthful, energetic and distinct songwriting. In remembrance and enduring appreciation of Shelley’s musical legacy, Recovery Unplugged has assembled a playlist featuring some of his own work, as well as some of the artists he came up with during the heady days of Manchester’s music renaissance. LISTEN HERE. This one’s for you, Pete. Thanks for everything.