Paul Pelllnger on WIOD Radio

Paul Pellinger Discusses Opioid Addiction Crisis in 610 WIOD Radio Interview

Recovery Unplugged Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Paul Pellinger recently dropped by Miami’s 610 WIOD Radio to discuss how the opioid crisis is affecting new mothers, and the systemic issues that lead to hasty over-prescription in the medical community. The conversation started with a new a study that revealed that over half of all new mothers surveyed were given prescription opioids by their doctors in the past decade, a phenomenon Paul partially attributed to inadequate training and education in medical school environments for new doctors and nurses.

The interview then turned to Paul discussing the multiple effective, albeit lesser-known, alternatives to opioids for reducing moderate pain, including music-based interventions, including music. He discussed how, in Turkey and other areas of the globe, music has been shown to be effective in lowering blood pressure, relieving chronic pain and more. Paul then went on to spread the Recovery Unplugged message like only he could, and described how we’ve helped patients all over the country struggling with addiction find their way to lasting and holistic recovery through music-assisted treatment.

In his parting comments, Paul urged new moms, and everyone else who might be struggling with addiction to reach out for help, while reiterating the power of music to heal…and his love for the Yankees. Listen to the full interview! Recovery Unplugged would like to thank 610 WIOD for inviting us on to talk about what we do. Listen to the full interview!

Listen to “Study: 50% of new moms prescribed Opioids in the last decade || 610 WIOD via Fox News Radio || 8/9/19” on Spreaker.

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