Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to Those Impacted by the Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire

There’s not a lot to say, but we’ll try anyhow. Recovery Unplugged extends our sincere and profound sympathies to those who were impacted by Friday’s terrible fire at Oakland’s Ghost Ship art and performance space, an incident that authorities are now saying is the biggest fire in the city’s history. As the investigation regarding cause and impact progresses, and authorities forecast an increasingly grim final result, we will continue to have all those who were affected, living and deceased, in our thoughts and prayers. We also urge all those who were affected by this immense tragedy to take advantage of their local mental health resources to help them deal with the trauma that many will have undoubtedly sustained.

Music is supposed to be a refuge for all of us, and live music offers a whole different element to this sense of critical escapism. Many, if not most of us, have that special live venue in our community where we can go to hear the best and most interesting artists in our area as well as those who stop in while on tour. These spaces, in whatever form, are a cultural crossroads where many of us find an identity and a sense of community that we simply can’t find anywhere else. They allow us to experience the work of new and emerging artists while celebrating the rich and unique culture of our own distinguished locales. It’s altogether tragic to think that our friends and neighbors could lose their lives by simply going to a show.

The unshakable and unsettling truth is that this could have happened to a lot of us who rely on these kinds of spaces to experience the best and most authentic live music; those of us who live in Brooklyn, Portland, Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Austin, Miami and many other cities understand this particularly well. Recovery Unplugged grieves heavily for those who have lost their lives in the Ghost Ship fire and for their loved ones who will, forever more, have to face life without them. We wish them all the strength and courage on earth as they endeavor to make it through this unspeakably difficult time.