Organization Uses Music to Help Military Veterans Manage Mental Health Issues

Music Can Help Veterans Health from Mental Health Issues

Veterans suffering from mental health issues are finding new ways to express themselves through music, thanks to a new grassroots organization. Vets End, Inc. seeks to help veterans articulate their emotions with instruments, voice and lyrics to achieve peace of and lasting mental health. Founders Sean Thomas and Sam Humphreys are encouraging other veterans to join them by integrating music into their daily and long-term self-care plans.

Veterans Embracing Mental Health Benefits of Music

Sean first started Vets End, Inc. after coming home from the Iraq War, where adjusting to civilian life wasn’t easy–he is far from alone in relaying his post-service struggles. Depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), among other issues, consistently affect veterans both during and after service. Data from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs indicates that 30 percent of veterans suffer from PTSD and 20 percent of this population suffers from co-occurring substance use disorder.

Sean has found music-based treatment to be a remedy for himself and others. “Music has been a life saver for me,” he tells KDRV News. He even claims that music has replaced the need for medication through the emotional balance and catharsis that it offers. Sean’s Partner Sam Humphreys, who spent three years in the military, also uses music as his go-to when times get tough. “Music heals people, it’s one of the best medicines I’ve ever seen in my life,” says Sam.

As we pay tribute to our departed military veterans in observance of another Memorial Day, organizations like Vets End, Inc. and many others are honoring their memory, in part, by making sure their living brothers and sisters are getting the help they need to preserve their health and quality of life. To lend our voice to the effort, Recovery Unplugged Is currently offering a full scholarship to a veteran that is currently struggling with substance use disorder. Enter here for your chance at selection. Submissions will continue through June 1st and the selected entrant will be announced on Flag Day, June 14, 2019.

Recovery Unplugged honors, with great solemnity, the sacrifice that our fallen military have made in keeping our country safe, as well as the families who have had to pick up the pieces in the wake of their loss.