New Year’s Day – Songwriting Therapy

Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center New Year's Day - Songwriting Therapy

Fotolia_115099787_Subscription_Monthly_M.jpgWriting songs can be a very influential instrument in drug rehabilitation therapy. It bundles so many ideas that can be read in so many ways. We had the pleasure of working with Martel on a song he wrote called New Year’s Day while in treatment with us. In his own words the song is about the depression of where he was at in life currently. He credits writing this song as “…a purge of the garbage inside of me.” Helping him claw out of the hole he was in. New Year’s Day By Martel

Scar tissue all across my heart Where does it end? Where does it start? Gotta’ fist full of dollars, an open whisky bottle I’m gonna’ bleed till there is no pain I’m flying up and down again, yeah I’m in hell, I’m in heaven No one’s lost or in control again I’m taking numbers, names and phones and dividends I’m dead, dead in the water Can’t keep my head, above all the water I’m dead, dead on the money That’s ‘bout how I feel, sweetheart, honey Our separate ways, a bitter taste I’m counting up and down again Is there a point in getting up today? I’ll go too far, but I will not stray I’m deciding whether or not I’ll go or if I’ll stay I’m on my way I’m dead, dead in my grave Can’t teach my brain how to behave I’m dead, dead on the spade That’s ‘bout how I feel this New Year’s Day.