Vivitrol Treatment in Texas

New Study Shows Effectiveness of Vivitrol to Treat Addiction

On March 31, 2016, The New England Journal of Medicine reported on a joint study of seven different universities showing the the effectiveness of Vivitrol on opioid-addicted prison patients. All test groups showed remarkably low relapse rates and also decrease rates in other risk-behaviors and decreased incarcerations for chronic offenders.

Recovery Unplugged’s Nurse Practitioner Beth Sullivan had this to say about the study:

“It is refreshing to see The New England Journal of Medicine providing details on a research study involving extended release naltrexone, also known as Vivitrol. The study compared 308 criminal justice offenders with 153 receiving a 24-week course of Vivitrol and 155 assigned to usual treatment such as brief counseling and referrals for community treatment programs.  I found the most compelling statistic to be the overdose death rate. At 78 weeks or 19.5 months the “usual treatment” study group experienced SEVEN overdose deaths and the Vivitrol study group was without a single overdose death.”

“I am proud to be part of the medical team at Recovery Unplugged, a preemptive Vivitrol provider in South Florida. We have experienced long term abstinence with our clients receiving Vivitrol. The escalating numbers of overdose deaths require all available resources to ensure every addict have the opportunity for a successful life in recovery.”

We hope to see more studies are conducted to show that Vivitrol is not just another “maintenance medication” and has a real shot at saving millions of addicts lives. A link to the original article can be found here.