Finding Addiction Treatment in Nashville

Need Addiction Treatment in Nashville? Here are Some Tips to Get Help

If you need addiction treatment in Nashville, the first thing you need to know is that you’re not alone. In 2019, Tennessee had 2,089 drug overdose deaths and 7,240 non-fatal overdose hospitalizations. There are hundreds of thousands more throughout the state that battle addiction on a daily basis. They are our loved ones; they are our colleagues; they are our friends and neighbors; they are ourselves.

The second thing you need to know is that you or your loved one are not a lost cause and that it may be easier to get help than you think. It’s completely natural to have questions when looking for addiction treatment in Nashville…in fact, it’s part of the process. Whether you’re looking for addiction treatment for yourself or someone you care about, here is some information that will help you on your journey.

How Do I Know I Need Addiction Treatment?

Looking for addiction treatment in Nashville requires a certain level of awareness. There’s no denying that Nashville is a party town. The aptly named Music City is full of bars and clubs where alcohol flows freely and people routinely use illicit drugs recreationally. In this climate, it can be hard to admit or even recognize that you have a problem. Over time, however, drug or alcohol addiction becomes impossible to ignore. Some of the main signs you may need help for addiction include:

  • Trouble at Work or School Due to Substance Use
  • Inability to Control Your Drinking and Drug Use
  • Lying to Friends or Family to Cover Up Behavior
  • Changing Your Social Circle Because of Substance Use
  • Physical or Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Drinking during the Day at Inappropriate Times

It may be easier to identify addiction to drugs like cocaine and heroin than it is to identify alcohol or prescription abuse. The behaviors associated with prescription addiction and alcohol binge drinking may be harder to detect because they’re legally regulated. The minute these substances start to impact your health, your career or your personal life is the moment you should start considering getting addiction treatment.

What Kind of Addiction Treatment Should I Get? 

There are many different types of addiction treatment in Nashville. The type of treatment you need will depend on your care needs, substance use history and other factors. The main types of addiction in treatment in Nashville include:

  • Inpatient TreatmentResidential and inpatient programs generally last for a week to 28 days. They’re generally ideal if you’ve relapsed after outpatient treatment or need a higher level of medical care. It gives you or your loved one the chance to remove yourself from the factors that led to or contributed to drug or alcohol abuse and focus on getting better.
  • Outpatient TreatmentOutpatient programs offer daily treatment sessions to give you the level of care you need while allowing you to remain focused on other areas of your life. Intensive outpatient (IOP) programs offer deeper levels of care with similar flexibility.
  • Partial Hospitalization (PHP) Treatment – Daily treatment programs that often include sober housing, depending upon need and eligibility.

Your insurance and payment resources may also determine the type of treatment program you choose.

How Much Does Addiction Treatment in Nashville Cost?

The cost of addiction treatment in Nashville will vary based upon a variety of factors, such as the type of program you choose and your insurance resources. Insurance will cover at least part of your treatment, but this will vary based on your plan type and tier of coverage. On average:

  • Inpatient Treatment Can Range from $15,000-$30,000.
  • Outpatient Programs Can Range from $1,200 to $15,000.
  • Intensive outpatient (IOP) programs average between $5,000-$15,000.

It’s important to realize that your insurance will likely cover a significant portion of these costs and there are multiple financing and budget options to make treatment more affordable and accessible. You may not think you can afford to get addiction help; but in reality, you can’t afford not to.

How Can I Pay for Addiction Treatment in Nashville?

If you’re going to a private treatment center that doesn’t accept Medicaid, they will most likely take your insurance or be able to work with you to make sure you can afford care. Look for treatment centers that are in-network with your insurance provider. In-network insurance partnerships meant that the facility you’re considering has pre-negotiated lower rates to make care more affordable. For example, Recovery Unplugged Nashville Treatment Center has in-network partnerships with many insurance providers, including, but not limited to:

  • Cigna
  • Magellan
  • Aetna

Many of our other facilities are in-network with other insurance providers, like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana and others.

Can I Use My Insurance to Pay for Addiction Treatment in Nashville?

If you have insurance, chances are your addiction treatment will be at least partially covered. To find out how much of your treatment your insurance will cover, contact the treatment facility you’re considering for a full insurance verification. The admissions representative will conduct an in-depth review of your insurance information. They will then be able to provide you with a full picture of how much your insurance will cover and how much you can expect to pay out of pocket.

Recovery Unplugged Nashville treatment center is committed to making your treatment experience as affordable as possible and working with you to helping you manage the cost of care. Other ways to pay for treatment include drawing cash from your retirement account, financing the cost of care or borrowing from a loved one. More recently, treatment centers, including Recovery Unplugged, have begun to accept Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency for treatment.

What Happens When I Call for Help with Addiction?

When you call to get help for addiction in Nashville, the admissions representative will assess the scope of your situation. This includes your history of substance use, your associated medical issues, any co-occurring mental health issues, and other factors that may determine your eligibility for care. They will then conduct a full insurance verification to help give you a thorough breakdown of the cost of your program and move quickly to help you get into treatment within 24 hours. If you or your loved one need help getting to a Recovery Unplugged treatment center, we may be able to fly you to one of our locations.

Don’t Wait to Get the Help You Need

Treatment is easier to get than you think and Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you find your way. Whether you live in Brentwood, Murphysboro, Columbia or anywhere else in Tennessee, we’re ready to help you achieve recovery at our Nashville treatment center. You don’t have let to uncertainty about money get in the way of your care. Contact a member of our staff today to start your treatment now at our Music City treatment center.