Meth Abuse in Texas Is an Enduring Threat

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Meth Abuse in Texas Is an Enduring Threat

While the nation understandably concerns itself and commits the bulk of its resources to addressing opioid abuse, other addiction threats continue to fester and grow. One of the most recent examples of this under-the-radar proliferation is the spread of meth abuse in Texas. In many areas of the state, specifically San Antonio, law enforcement and clinicians say they’re seeing addiction to meth spread at an alarming rate and leaving many individuals and families demonstrated as a result. DEA officials say that methamphetamine is the biggest drug threat facing Texas, and that problem demands swift and immediate treatment across the state.

A Closer Look at Meth Abuse in Texas

At the ground level, those suffering from meth abuse in Texas face a desperate and painful existence. Dealers sell the drug for rock-bottom prices and even offer “free samples” in an effort to get users hooked. The drug is cooked up in makeshift labs with unpredictable and dangerous chemicals. Very often, users only have a fraction of the idea of what they’re taking. Methamphetamine in Texas is far too cheap and far too plentiful. Users liken the effects of meth to demonic possession and say that it makes them engage in bizarre, aggressive and self-destructive behavior. In its 2015-2016 annual report, the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office recorded a 92 percent increase in meth-related deaths, yet a 24 percent decrease in deaths involving heroin.

Addressing the Problem

Meth abuse in Texas must be addressed using a combination of treatment of users and prosecution of dealers and manufacturers. Many Texans who engage in meth abuse insist that they can function while actively abusing meth, but are quickly proven wrong when their health and quality of life is destroyed. Meth abuse quickly turns to addiction and alters the brain’s chemistry to the point at which users abandoning their senses and engage in risky behavior in pursuit of their next fix. If you or someone you care about has succumbed to meth abuse in Texas, get the quality treatment you need now.

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