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When you make the courageous decision to address your substance use disorder and seek addiction treatment, it is important to remember that addiction recovery is a lifelong commitment and journey. The initial first step in your addiction recovery is to receive the support of an addiction treatment program, whether that be an inpatient residential treatment or outpatient rehab program. Your alcohol or drug rehab program will provide you with insight and perspective on what has been at the root of your addictive behaviors along. With the support of behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, medication-assisted treatment, music therapy, and support in developing the tools for relapse prevention and life skills, you will be able to heal from your underlying causes or drug or alcohol addiction to begin to develop a foundation for a new way of life in addiction recovery. There is a lot of new information and skills that you acquire within drug and alcohol treatment, and for many, when you prepare to transition out of addiction treatment, there are concerns or reservations about how you can apply your new lifestyle of addiction recovery to your home environment and back into everyday life.

At Recovery Unplugged, we are dedicated to supporting our patients in long-term sobriety within our comprehensive levels of care for addiction treatment in Norther Virginia. We support our patients at every phase of their addiction recovery. If you are in need of support at the initial stage of your recovery journey, we offer a supportive medical detox program that will help you safely overcome your physical dependence on drugs and alcohol. Patients are able to attend residential treatment or outpatient rehab, where they will be invited to participate in our comprehensive treatment programs, including our world-renowned music-assisted treatment programs. We see the value and need for healing through the art of music. Patients, regardless of whether they have a musical background or not, are invited to participate in various levels of music therapy that will help to elevate your addiction recovery process and provide you with a creative outlet to express and process your emotions and thoughts. As you transition into a sober living home, our team will continue to provide you with ongoing support and guidance to create a strong foundation for having long-term success in sober, independent living.

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A sober living program with Recovery Unplugged provides Northern Virginia residents with the opportunity to strengthen their life skills and tools for relapse prevention that will help ensure that they can be successful in their new way of life in addiction recovery. Sober living offers the following benefits for patients:

Support from addiction counselors and house managers

Residing within a sober living home will often mean that you will have a live-in house manager or have access to an addiction counselor. These individuals are there to ensure you are given therapeutic support as you navigate the world in your early addiction recovery stages. As you encounter any potential challenges or triggers, as well as successes, you will have the support to process these moments to continue to develop and strengthen your skills for relapse prevention.

Develop a network of support with others in addiction recovery

Living in halfway houses often facilitates and fosters individuals developing strong, supportive friendships with others that are living within the sober home. Residents will be able to share and connect with one another as you share in the same ups and downs of early addiction recovery. It is common for residents to attend addiction recovery support groups, including 12-step programs together, to help broaden their network of support.

Developing a new lifestyle in addiction recovery

Early addiction recovery is focused on creating a newfound way of life that fosters sober living. Now that your life has shifted focus from feeding your substance use disorder, you are able to have and work towards achieving goals in addiction recovery. Residents in a sober living house are encouraged to start creating a foundation in their new life by seeking employment, attending school or training programs, creating a daily routine that fosters overall health, including physical and nutritional needs, and establishing healthy relationships with loved ones again.

Establishing life skills that foster a healthy life in addiction recovery

Throughout your drug and alcohol addiction, it is common for individuals to lose sight or miss opportunities to learn life skills for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Throughout your time in halfway houses, you will receive support in developing and strengthening the life skills that will provide you with the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle free of substance abuse. Residents are supported in learning skills such as cleanliness, time management, organizational skills, and pro-social interactions and relationships.

Continued development of tools for relapse prevention

Residents are provided with opportunities to engage in holistic treatments or practices that will provide outlets and coping skills for relapse prevention. These skills can range from mindfulness practices, yoga, physical activity, emotional regulation techniques, breathing exercises, and more.

Recovery Unplugged Nashville
Recovery Unplugged Nashville
Recovery Unplugged Nashville

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WOMEN'S SOBER LIVING Northern Virginia

A women's sober living home provides an opportunity for women of Northern Virginia to reside in a living program that is a safe, supportive environment that is gender segregated. There are some women that may have had past experiences of abuse from men, whether it be physical, emotional, or sexual. Providing a safe space that is only for women will foster a sense of security and trust to allow for vulnerability and openness to foster the opportunity to rebuild your self-esteem and heal from your past traumas without any triggers as you develop the skills for independent living without the influence of substance abuse.

Women will often encounter societal based stigmas and social norms that impact a woman's self-worth and daily lifestyle. It has been found that a group of women are able to empower one another to address and heal from the impacts of societal norms and expectations as you share and learn from each other's experiences. Oftentimes, women's sober houses provide residents with specialized programming that will work to develop life skills and provide access to community resources or social services that can support them in areas such as child care, custody arrangements, and family therapy. The aim of a women's sober house is to provide a safe haven for women to come together to heal and grow together as they develop a new future free of drug and alcohol addiction.

MEN'S SOBER LIVING Northern Virginia

Similar to women, men face societal gender norms and expectations that may be hard for women to empathize and relate to. A sober living program that is specific to men will work to provide a safe, supportive space for men to come together and heal from the stereotypes and societal stigmas that have influenced their self-worth and self-esteem.

Men will be able to develop a new, positive relationship with the term masculinity and address the toxic societal expectations from men, including violence and stigmas around showing emotion and receiving support for mental health disorders. As men reside together, they are able to heal and learn from one another as you develop the know-how and skills for establishing healthy male friendships and relationships that will foster a healthy life in sober living.


Addiction recovery is a lifelong commitment that requires continuous self-awareness and works to maintain. That is why at Recovery Unplugged, we value providing our patients with the ongoing support of a recovery community with our aftercare and alumni support programs. Even in sobriety, life will still have its ups and downs and the potential for triggers to arise. An aftercare program and alumni support program provides patients with the opportunity to stay connected with others in addiction recovery who you can turn to for guidance and support in relapse prevention. Our top rehab in Northern Virginia offers aftercare plans that will support you in staying connected to our team of addiction clinicians, physicians, medication-assisted treatment programs, and 12-step programs that will help keep your addiction recovery process your top priority. When you choose Recovery Unplugged to heal from your substance use disorder, you are choosing a treatment program that will treat you like family and ensure that we stay with you for your long-term journey on your road to recovery.

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Choosing a sober living program, sometimes known as a halfway house, provides Northern Virginia residents with a smooth transition from the structured routine of inpatient residential treatment or an outpatient drug or alcohol treatment program into a living program that will provide similar supports and routine that an addiction treatment program will provide. Depending on which sober living housing program you choose to attend, you will be provided with a daily routine and living expectations or rules that are specific to the living program that you choose.

There are some halfway houses that will incorporate a structured routine that mirrors a residential treatment program. Residents will be asked to follow set house rules and curfews along with following expectations, such as attending a certain number of 12-step program meetings each week. Whereas, there are other sober living programs that will provide individuals with an apartment or living space that is fairly independent with few rules and expectations. Those living spaces may have reduced structure and are focused on ensuring that the residents are maintaining their addiction recovery. Regardless of the living program that you choose, the aim of all halfway houses is to provide individuals with a home that is absolutely free of any substance abuse to help ensure that they are able to avoid any potential triggers for relapse.




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