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Drug and alcohol addiction is a unique disease that impacts each individual differently, and the causes for your substance use disorder will depend on your own specific circumstances and emotions. That is why at Recovery Unplugged, we offer Northern Virginia residents an addiction treatment program that provides the levels of care that you require to safely and effectively overcome your drug addiction. Addiction treatment programs will incorporate a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches with the right levels of professional help that will meet your unique needs for your addiction recovery program.

At Recovery Unplugged, we value the need for personalized treatment and care when it comes to addiction treatment. Your healing journey requires treatment approaches that are centered around your specific goals for addiction recovery and drug treatment programs. Our drug addiction outpatient treatment programs provide each patient with various types of treatment options that will work within your current needs and schedule to allow you to begin your recovery journey when you are ready without worrying about any unexpected barriers to your success. Patients can choose between different levels of care, including an inpatient treatment program, an outpatient program of either a partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program, and aftercare programming that will ensure that you have long-term success in addiction recovery and sober living.

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An outpatient treatment program provides Northern Virginia with options for drug rehab that will allow you to decide when you attend the treatment facility to undergo substance abuse treatment. You have the option of choosing an intensive outpatient program that will allow you to work around your current schedule of work or school by attending the treatment center either day or night. This opens up the door for possibilities to receive the levels of care you need to gain perspective on what has been fueling your drug addiction in order to develop a new way of life that fosters sober living.

Outpatient treatment is a great stepping stone for individuals that completed an inpatient rehab program. After completing the courageous work of participating in addiction treatment, there are often concerns or hesitations about the transition from the structured, safe environment of inpatient treatment back into your home environment where your substance abuse was at its worst. Outpatient treatment allows patients to take the life skills and tools they learned within addiction treatment and apply them to their everyday life with the ongoing support of addiction counselors. As you encounter some of the previous triggers or stressors that once influenced your drug addiction, you will be able to strengthen your skills for relapse prevention to ensure long-lasting success in sobriety.

Benefits of Outpatient Drug Rehab

Attending an outpatient treatment program is a beneficial option for many Northern Virginia residents that are prepared to address and heal from their drug addiction within a treatment program that respects their need for flexibility and accessibility. Outpatient treatment for drug addiction offers the following benefits:

A flexible schedule for addiction treatment

We understand that our patients have busy lifestyles. From work responsibilities and deadlines to school assignments and expectations to loved ones and children that you need to tend to. With so much on your plate, you know you want to seek treatment for your drug addiction but want to know that your responsibilities are still maintained as you receive addiction treatment. Outpatient drug rehab in Northern Virginia provides patients with the flexibility to choose when they attend the treatment facility that works within their current schedule and commitments.

An option that maintains your privacy throughout your treatment programs

Patients will be able to attend substance abuse treatment for individual therapy within the treatment center and return home each night. This allows patients to feel safe and confident that their addiction treatment and recovery will remain personal to you, and you can rest assured that you will not run into others from work or school that you did not want to share your addiction recovery process with.

Ability to have support from your loved ones at any time

When patients heal from drug addiction within an inpatient treatment program, there are often limited visits and contact with loved ones. During outpatient treatment, patients can participate in treatment approaches with the added benefit of staying connected to loved ones and seeing them each night.

Continuous support and guidance from addiction counselors

As you learn the life skills and tools for relapse prevention, you will have the opportunity to apply those skills in real life as you encounter distressing emotions or triggers with the ongoing support of addiction counselors.

Affordable types of treatment

Outpatient treatment is less expensive than an inpatient treatment program. The cost of outpatient treatment is reduced as it doesn't include the cost of accommodations, food, or medications that would be provided if patients were residing within the treatment center.

Recovery Unplugged Nashville
Recovery Unplugged Nashville
Recovery Unplugged Nashville

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Outpatient rehab will differ for patients depending on the types of treatment you decide to participate in. Choosing a partial hospitalization program will invite patients to attend the treatment center for up to six days a week for six hours at a time. During your days within the treatment center, you will participate in individual therapy and group therapy processes that utilize evidence-based treatment approaches. Patients will work alongside board-certified addiction clinicians throughout your PHP, which will often last for 10 to 15 days.

An intensive outpatient program will invite patients to attend the treatment center for up to five days a week to start for approximately three hours a day. You will be invited to attend individual therapy sessions and group therapy processes to continue the healing journey of addiction treatment. Recovery Unplugged offers patients an accessible treatment option through virtual intensive outpatient programs. Patients will be able to participate in addiction treatment approaches from the comfort of their own homes.


Your length of time in your outpatient program will be dependent on your specific needs for addiction recovery and the type of outpatient program that you choose to participate in. A PHP will last between 10 to 15 days, depending on your circumstances. In contrast, an intensive outpatient treatment program can be completed over a 30-day period. There are patients who may begin in a PHP and transition into an IOP afterward, making their time in outpatient treatment longer.


An intensive outpatient program provides patients with a flexible option for drug addiction treatment programs that will allow patients to attend the treatment center for two to three hours a day. Patients will often begin attending the recovery center five days a week. As time progresses and you start to feel stronger in your addiction recovery, you can reduce your treatment center visits to three days a week. Patients that participate in an intensive outpatient program will have the ability to engage in medication-assisted treatment to support them in a safe medical detox process.


A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a treatment approach that provides more intensive supervision and support. Patients will attend the treatment center for day treatment, which offers a similar structure to inpatient treatment. Patients will participate in the same evidence-based treatment approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, holistic treatments, family therapy, and our unique music-assisted therapy program.


Determining the appropriate types of treatment for you and your specific recovery goals will depend on the levels of care and clinical support that you require. If you are in need of more support as you begin your addiction recovery journey, you may benefit from a PHP format that will give you the support and guidance as you start navigating early recovery and sober living. If you feel strong in your ability to maintain sobriety with less intensive support, an IOP could be the best option for you. If you are unsure about which option is best for you, contact one of our addiction treatment specialists, who will support you in determining the most effective treatment method.

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Recovery Unplugged is the leading choice for Northern Virginia residents that are seeking addiction treatment with personalized treatment approaches that foster personal growth and healing. Our team is personally invested in your healing journey and wants to provide you with a treatment plan that is mindful of your unique needs and history of substance abuse to ensure that your individual therapy process is meaningful and impactful.

Patients will be able to participate in evidence-based therapy methods along with our unique music-assisted therapy approaches. We strongly believe in the power of music and the healing that can be facilitated within the arts and music. Our treatment center offers opportunities for patients to engage in musical instruments and music making, writing lyrics, or enjoying jam sessions with others to help them learn how to creatively express themselves and their emotions in a safe, constructive manner. If you don't have a history of being musically inclined, that is okay! Our treatment programs support patients where they are at and will find you healing methods that speak to you emotionally and creatively.

If you are prepared to begin your drug rehab healing journey within our supportive, compassionate healing environment, contact one of our treatment specialists today to get yourself on the road to recovery.




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