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Recovery Unplugged has earned being a top-rated alcohol addiction treatment rehab facility in Northern Virginia (VA) because:

  • We are accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, and we uphold high standards of care and service at every level.
  • Have unique, customized music-assisted treatment programs that incorporate music into all levels of care, making treatment interesting, engaging, and therapeutic on a holistic level.
  • Integrate traditional and evidence-based, scientifically-backed therapies and medical care into each patient’s plan, with top rehab treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, and one-on-one therapy.
  • Have an integrated dual diagnosis program for people suffering from a substance use disorder and mental health disorders at the same time, providing mental health care throughout addiction treatment to help with issues including anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, schizoaffective disorder, mood disorders, and more.
  • We have services, including case management and employee assistance, to help you deal with the practical issues that come with substance abuse and seeking treatment, like getting time off work, finding a sober place to live after treatment, and dealing with legal issues.
  • For those with severe addictions and those experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms during detox, we have a medical detox plan and a safe and effective medication-assisted treatment in Northern Virginia tapering-off plan that can help patients through detox without suffering pain, distress, fear, discomfort, and cravings.
  • We have the full continuum of care, leading you through your treatments, from your initial assessment and detox period, into a customized treatment plan that can include both inpatient and outpatient services, depending on your individual needs. We will work with you to build a plan that works, with aftercare and alumni services available for as long as you need once treatment is complete.

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Not everybody can take time away from their lives for a full 30 to 90 days of inpatient treatment, even if they really want to. Life’s responsibilities get in the way. Work and school, taking care of family, and other obligations have to take precedence in many cases, and this can cause a barrier to seek treatment for many people.

Through outpatient alcohol rehab programs, you may be able to continue living at home or in a sober living home and get the treatment you need. At Recovery Unplugged, we have several levels of care that go beyond a typical inpatient residential rehab program, and these can be further customized to some degree to suit your needs. If you do not have serious withdrawal symptoms, medical needs that require full-time care, or serious psychiatric needs, and your addiction is on the milder side, you may wish to enter outpatient treatment after detox. Recovery Unplugged offers an intensive outpatient program for substance use disorders treatment that can be scheduled to work around your life, minimizing as much disruption as possible. You will still be able to go to work, take care of your family, and do your usual activities, getting the help you need in a safe and measured way.

We also recognize that addiction affects people who cannot leave home at all, so we have built a comprehensive virtual IOP program for people who cannot come to our outpatient facilities for various reasons. These programs offer the same care as any other patient would receive, but it is all done online through a secure telehealth platform.


Outpatient alcohol rehab is not for everybody, as some people simply have a high risk of relapsing and may need time away from the temptations and distractions of everyday life inside inpatient alcohol rehab centers. For those who are not suffering from severe physical and mental illnesses and just need some extra help on their road to recovery, outpatient rehab may be the answer.

In outpatient alcohol and drug treatment, you will live outside of the recovery center, coming in a set number of hours per week to access treatment. In our partial hospitalization plan, you will be in care all day, and in the intensive outpatient or outpatient plans, you may come in for a few hours per week or on weekends as your schedule allows. Your treatment plan will be developed to help you with your individual concerns in a plan designed to help you transition into normal everyday life gradually, with full support from our team and your peers along the way.

One of the main benefits of outpatient rehab is having the option to live in the comfort of your own home, with the full support of your family members. You will not need to disrupt your routine or leave your job or school program, and through a variety of treatment approaches, you will get the help you need to avoid the temptation to relapse, gain new strategies to deal with stress, build healthy habits, and heal underlying mental health and emotional issues.

If living at home is not an option, or if you need more structure with a sober environment to retreat to at the end of the day, we can connect you with a sober living home in the area that offers rules and firm boundaries that will ensure you remain accountable throughout your substance abuse treatment program.

Outpatient rehab provides a good balance of support and care while patients remain in everyday life. You will need to take responsibility for your actions and learn to live life as a sober person, but you will also have plenty of help dealing with difficult situations. You will stay in contact with doctors, therapists, case workers, and other addiction specialists and will have the option to come into our safe and welcoming outpatient rehab centers for additional peer and professional drug and alcohol rehab support when you need it.

Recovery Unplugged Nashville
Recovery Unplugged Nashville
Recovery Unplugged Nashville

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The first step for many people coming to drug addiction or alcohol addiction treatment is detoxing. This can be done safely, without suffering the effects of withdrawal, through our medical detox and medication-assisted treatment plans. These are short-term inpatient programs (with follow-up medication management if needed) with 24-hour medical care provided by qualified and experienced doctors and nurses, with therapy, music-assisted treatments, and the option of prescription medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Once you are ready for the outpatient rehab treatment, you will move out of the rehab facility but return for treatments and other programming on a set schedule that may include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Dual diagnosis for co-occurring mental health issues
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation
  • Relapse prevention tools
  • Music-assisted care
  • Connections to 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and other support groups
  • Alumni services and long-term monitoring

We use a holistic approach to healing, meaning we address more than just your physical symptoms. Your overall well-being, health, and wellness are just as important as your physical health, so we work to treat your behavioral, emotional, social, and psychological issues as well through the power of music, along with evidence-based treatments and therapy.


The partial hospitalization program runs for six hours a day, usually lasting 10 to 15 days, and the intensive outpatient program is three hours a day for 10 to 30 days. We have further outpatient programming available to those who wish to continue on after their IOP, customized to each patient with no set end date.


The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at the Recovery Unplugged rehabilitation centers is a flexible plan that is customized to suit each patient’s health, treatment, and practical needs. You will live outside of the treatment center and receive music-assisted treatments, therapy, peer support, medical treatments, and other care on a set schedule, coming into the recovery center or through online support.

We can even help you arrange transportation to and from the treatment facility. Addressing the roots of addiction, learning new relapse prevention strategies, building healthy habits, and healing the body, mind, and spirit are all goals during the intensive outpatient program, as are learning the best ways to live independently without turning back to drugs and alcohol.

There is also an online IOP treatment plan that was created to allow those who cannot come to in-person addiction treatment due to health or safety concerns, lifestyle obligations, or fear of exposure, amongst other reasons. Online treatment is a flexible, discreet, and safe way to receive comprehensive, customized, evidence-based substance abuse care from the security of your own home.


At Recovery Unplugged, our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a short-term program that consists of full days of treatment (up to 20 hours per week) inside the addiction rehab center, with patients sleeping at home (or in a sober living residence). The same programming as inpatient treatment is provided as you transition back into everyday life, slowly taking on responsibilities and independence. In the PHP, your program may include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Behavioral health treatments
  • Medication-assisted treatment management
  • Group therapy
  • Physical health care
  • Mental health care
  • Music-assisted therapies
  • Life skills training


The PHP may be a better fit for people who feel overwhelmed by their transition from inpatient rehab or detox into living at home with free time and little direction. It may also be best for those who are still dealing with withdrawal symptoms, those in dual diagnosis plans treating mental health disorders with drug or alcohol addiction, and those in a medication-assisted treatment or medical management plan. If you do not feel ready to get back to everyday life, PHPs are a good way to bridge the gap and may be the right choice for you.

IOPs are for those who want to remain in contact with care providers, doctors, and therapists, with regular check-ins and continued therapy inside or outside of rehab treatment centers, and who also want to get back to their normal life. People who are primary caregivers or who are currently working or in school and who are able to manage cravings and manage their own schedule with a strong drive to continue the hard work to avoid relapsing are prime candidates for IOPs.

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Why Choose Recovery Unplugged?

At Recovery Unplugged, we use holistic treatment methods for substance use disorders, treating all types of addiction, from opioid addictions to alcohol addiction, and offering all levels of care, from inpatient treatment through outpatient alcohol and drug rehab plans that will promote long-term recovery. We have a judgment-free and welcoming facility with accredited and credentialed staff who truly want to help you, and our music-assisted treatment changes life for the better. We also offer LGBTQ+ friendly rehab.

We are in-network with most major insurance companies, with insurance accepted from Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bright Health, Aetna, Cigna, Optum, Mines and Associates, Magellan, Humana, and more, making it easier for more people to get the help they need. To learn more about our inpatient or outpatient treatment plan options and which may be right for you, call our team today. We are here 24 hours a day and are ready to take your call.




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