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Virtual Addiction Therapy Is Available in Nashville

Recovery Unplugged Nashville
Recovery Unplugged Nashville
Recovery Unplugged Nashville

Teletherapy Rehab Near You: Outpatient Treatment for Alcohol & Drug Addiction

After living with an active drug and alcohol addiction for some time, you undoubtedly have thought about reaching out for help to overcome the struggles of substance abuse. It is a courageous choice to get help for your alcohol or drug addiction, and you want to find an addiction treatment option that provides you with the support you need and works within your current lifestyle and needs. For some Nashville residents, you may have family and work commitments that make it challenging to enter into an inpatient rehab setting for an extended period.

At Recovery Unplugged, we aim to break down any barriers to your success in addiction recovery by offering varying levels of care and providing different treatment types that will meet your specific needs. For those individuals that are unable to attend an inpatient rehab program, there are options for teletherapy that will allow you the flexibility to participate in addiction treatment from the comfort of your own home. Whether you have a demanding work schedule, loved ones to take care of, or have concerns about entering into a residential rehab setting due to your own personal health concerns, a teletherapy addiction treatment program will meet you where you are at and bring the support of our addiction therapists and addiction support staff right to you through various means of technology. Healing from your substance use disorder is as simple as connecting through your computer or phone at a time that works for you and your busy schedule.

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Virtual Alcohol Rehab in Nashville

Virtual alcohol rehab in Nashville can be an effective addiction treatment method for Nashville residents seeking treatment in a flexible, easily accessible program that can be done from their homes. Before beginning your alcohol rehab program, you must ensure that you have overcome the physical dependence you developed throughout your alcohol addiction.

Individuals living with a severe alcohol addiction can experience significant side effects and withdrawal symptoms that can become life-threatening if not monitored and treated by a medical professional. Patients are encouraged to participate in an alcohol detox program before beginning virtual alcohol rehab to ensure they have overcome any physical dependence on alcohol and gain clarity of body and mind to start to address the underlying causes of their alcohol addiction through virtual rehab.

Online Drug Rehab in Nashville

Addressing and healing from your drug addiction can be easier to attend to than ever with online drug rehab options available through Recovery Unplugged. Participating in an online drug rehab program provides Nashville residents with the same highly credentialed evidence-based therapy methods that are offered within inpatient rehab, including behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, trauma therapy, 12-step addiction recovery groups, and psychoeducational processes based on developing life skills and tools for relapse prevention.

Drug addiction can come in many forms, including illicit drugs or prescription drugs. Depending on the severity of your drug abuse, it is recommended that you take the time to overcome the physical dependence of drug addiction through a drug detox program. Withdrawal symptoms from drug addiction can range from mild to severe, which should be monitored and supervised by a health care professional to ensure you remain safe and comfortable. After you have successfully moved through your drug detox program, you will be able to begin participating in drug addiction treatment that will be centered around healing from your underlying causes of drug addiction. Virtual therapy will allow you the time you need to take care of your loved ones, maintain your work commitments, and provide you with the opportunity to heal within the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Recovery Unplugged Nashville
Recovery Unplugged Nashville
Recovery Unplugged Nashville

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Web Based Addiction Therapy

Patients ready to begin addressing their drug addiction with the support of an addiction treatment program but have reservations about entering into inpatient rehab or cannot commit to being away from their home environment for an extended period will choose web-based addiction therapy. Patients will have the ability to connect with our addiction therapists online to participate in addiction treatment and have the option to uphold their prior commitments and responsibilities with ease.

Nashville residents will be able to participate in a traditional track of virtual drug rehab, including a personalized virtual treatment program that offers the support of addiction clinicians and medical help. Patients will be provided with ongoing virtual case management that will allow them to set goals for sobriety and work towards achieving those goals with the support of sober coaching.

Virtual Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP)

Virtual intensive outpatient services (Virtual IOP) will provide Nashville residents with the option of receiving high-quality addiction therapy methods from the comfort of their own homes without having to go out of their homes. Patients can connect with our licensed addiction therapists virtually to participate and engage in individual therapy. Group therapy sessions will utilize the leading evidence-based therapy methods and the unique music-assisted treatment exclusive to Recovery Unplugged. Your virtual addiction treatment program will be individualized to meet your specific needs and goals for addiction recovery.

Family Therapy

An essential component of any addiction treatment program is supporting patients in reconnecting and rebuilding their relationships with loved ones and family. During your substance use disorder, many will have situations or conflicts with their loved ones due to your drug and alcohol abuse. As you move towards a life of sober living, you must find your support system and connection with those you love again. Family therapy allows patients and their loved ones to process the emotions and events of the past while learning new ways to communicate with one another and regain trust with each other again. A healthy support system is often the key to long-term success in addiction recovery.

Virtual Groups

Group therapy is an opportunity for patients to connect about their emotions, behaviors, and thoughts that are related to their substance use disorder. Patients can attend virtual group therapy sessions that a licensed addiction therapist will facilitate. They will guide the conversations around specific addiction topics to allow patients to heal and learn from each other's experiences while developing a support system with other patients that can provide you with long-term support in your addiction recovery process.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Via Zoom

It is common for individuals living with an alcohol or drug addiction to have a co-occurring disorder, including mental health conditions. Often, when someone is experiencing significant side effects or symptoms from a mental health condition, the allure of escape or numbing of emotions through substance abuse becomes a method of self-medicating for your mental health disorder. Patients who are attending virtual addiction treatment through our mental health virtual track recovery will be able to treat co-occurring disorders of PTSD, borderline personality disorder, depression or anxiety disorders, and bipolar disorder by participating in dual diagnosis treatment virtually over zoom. Patients will be able to treat your substance use disorder while also developing the tools for effectively managing any symptoms of your mental health disorder.

How Effective is Virtual Addiction Therapy?

Virtual addiction therapy is an effective method of treatment for Nashville residents that are highly motivated and self-sufficient to keep themselves accountable to their addiction recovery program. Ensuring you remain consistent with attending your virtual addiction therapy sessions will ensure you get the most out of your addiction therapy methods. Patients will be provided with evidence-based therapy methods that will support them in addressing the underlying causes of drug and alcohol addiction while gaining the coping skills and tools to live a healthy, prosperous life in addiction recovery.

Is Virtual Rehab HIPPA Compliant?

Virtual rehab is offered in different formats and platforms to meet the needs of each patient. At Recovery Unplugged, we follow the strict guidelines and protocols of HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to ensure your privacy and confidentiality will be strictly adhered to throughout your addiction treatment program.

What Is Online Substance Abuse Treatment Like?

Attending an online substance abuse treatment program will consist of virtual addiction therapy sessions, including individual therapy sessions and group therapy processes centered around healing from the root causes of your addiction while also gaining the tools for addiction recovery. Our team at Recovery Unplugged will create an individualized treatment program centered around your specific needs and goals for addiction recovery. You will have access to online virtual therapy sessions as well as telephone therapy sessions that will be sure to meet you where you are at and make addiction treatment easily accessible. Those Nashville patients looking for a faith-based virtual treatment program will be invited to participate in our virtual faith-based treatment track. You will be invited to attend sessions based on scripture recitation, group or individual exercises based on faith and spirituality, and opportunities to engage in spiritual practices and music.

How Long Does Online Rehab Last?

The length of time you will be engaging in online rehab will depend on your unique needs and circumstances, including the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction, familial history of addiction, and any existing medical or mental health concerns. Patients will often stay in online rehab for 10 to 30 days. After you complete your online rehab program and decide that you need longer in addiction treatment, you can extend your time in rehab to ensure long-lasting success in sobriety.

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Why Attend Online Rehab with Recovery Unplugged in Nashville?

Choosing an online rehab option with Recovery Unplugged is a beneficial treatment option for Nashville residents seeking treatment to heal from their past addiction while developing a newfound way of life in addiction recovery. Our dedicated, highly credentialed team will provide you with exceptional levels of care through comprehensive treatment methods that will ensure that you overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.

Recovery Unplugged provides patients with a unique opportunity for therapy through our music-assisted program. This forum will support you in creatively expressing your emotions and working through any past emotions or traumas with the support of musical expression; all offered from the comfort of your home virtually. If you do not have a musical background, that is okay; our team will work with you to create an addiction treatment program centered around your healing needs. If you want to hear more about our online addiction therapy programs, call one of our compassionate team members today to have any of your questions answered.




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